311 - Hostage Situation Aired January 5, 2016

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When Charles and Genevieve decide to take a step forward as a couple, his ex-wife, Eleanor, takes control of something very valuable to Charles. Meanwhile, Captain Holt and Rosa call on Gina's help to get a suspect talking, and Terry is painfully rewarded for doing a favor for Amy, who needs a recommendation later.

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Guest Stars: Kathryn Hahn as Eleanor, Mary Lynn Rajskub as Genevieve

Writers: Phil Augusta Jackson

Director: Max Winkler

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Episode Quotes

Jake: What is happening?
Captain Holt: I'm defusing the situation.
Jake: Whoa dancing captain. Must capture image of a lifetime! Oh, why is my phone always dead? I paid $13 for it!

Captain Holt: Dancing over. Situation defused.
Jake: No!

Charles: Don't worry, Jakey. I got it.
Jake: Okay.
Charles: Oh! Oh, my hands are covered in butter from making butter.

Captain Holt: Peralta, are you eating an italian sub for breakfast?
Jake: I am, but Amy said I should eat more veggies so I got extra pepperoncinis.
Charles: Smart.

Jake: Are you guys wearing one scarf?
Genevieve: Yep, Charles forgot his this morning. It's actually quite romantic. I think he did it on purpose.
Charles: Uh, let's just say, I definitely did it on purpose. Now, twirl me, darling!

News Stories

Title Date Posted
311 'Hostage Situation' Press Release December 17 2015

FOX has issued the press release for the Tuesday, January 5 episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, "Hostage Situation". Kathryn Hahn (Transparent) guest stars as Eleanor, Boyle's ex-wife. Mary Lynn Rajskub reprises her role as Genevieve in the episode.  Full story