House Mouses Season 3, Episode 16 - Aired February 16, 2016

House Mouses

When Jake insults Hitchcock and Scully's work ethic in the precinct, they force their way into one of his cases in attempt to prove themselves. Meanwhile, Amy and Gina help Rosa conquer one of her biggest fears, and Holt and Boyle work a celebrity case.

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Guest Stars: Brad Hall as John William Weischelbraun, Richard Assad as Janx Ingram, Alex Ball as Chad, Andres du Bouchet as Kernt, Philippe Stella as Olek

Writers: Andrew Guest

Director: Claire Scanlon

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Episode Quotes

Gina: I'm scared of businessmen. A whole army of gray-suited Brads and Chads trying to suck my soul and redeem it for frequent flyer miles.

Jake: Sarge, Sarge, Sarge. You know that I'm your guy for this. You can't give a celebrity case to Amy. The last movie she saw was a documentary about spelling bees.
Amy: Wrong. It was about the font Helvetica, and it played like an action thriller.

Gina: Hmm, what's this, then? "Dear Captain Raymond Holt, thinking of you. Best, Dr.
Kevin Cozner, Ph.D." He even used their pet names.

Amy: Look, it's okay. We all have fears. I'm so claustrophobic, I can't even go into the downstairs supply closet. I hear they have some hot new binder clips, but I'll never know.

Sergeant Jeffords: Where's Hitchcock? I'm taking you guys off your drug case.
Scully: Of course you are. Jake said you didn't believe in us.
Sergeant Jeffords: What? He didn't believe in you either. He was just pumping you up with lies so you'd work his case.
Scully: Jake, is this true?
Jake I just thought, you know, the two of you might be better off mousing around the old house.
Scully: Oh, I get it. Just because I got my finger stuck in a glue trap once, I'm a mouse? I got the cheese out, by the way.
Jake: Oh my God.

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