315 - The 9-8 Aired February 9, 2016

The 9-8

The Nine-Nine host the detectives from the Nine-Eight, their neighboring precinct, reuniting Jake with his old partner. Charles is immediately jealous and tries to reclaim his best friend status with Jake. Meanwhile, the rest of the precinct tries to be welcoming to the Nine-Eight, but it doesn't go as well as they had planned.

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Guest Stars: Damon Wayans, Jr. as Stevie

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Episode Quotes

Charles: Massage! I'll give you a massage.
Gina: Charles, going in the wrong direction and getting himself disqualified. Interesting approach.

Captain Holt: Look, I know this is an inconvenience; however, I expect you all to be accommodating to our guests.
Sergeant Jeffords: Don't worry, sir, we will be cordial A.F. "As Frasier." Love that show.

Rosa: She also likes to look up recipes online and go, "Who's got the time?"

Captain Holt: All right, everyone, enough morning chitchat. Television happened, commutes were difficult, Boyle had a dream.

Charles: So, I guess we all had great partners that we've completely moved on from.
Jake: Because yours died of old age?
Charles: He did.

News Stories

Title Date Posted
315 'The 9-8' Press Release January 21 2016

FOX has issued the press release for the February 9 episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, "The 9-8". Damon Wayans, Jr. guest stars in the episode as Stevie, Jake's former partner.  Full story