Karen Peralta Season 3, Episode 14 - Aired February 2, 2016

Karen Peralta

On his birthday, Jake brings Amy to meet his mother, but a surprise appearance by his dad throws a wrench in his special day. Meanwhile, Rosa and Charles struggle with a new mandate regarding body cams while on a stakeout with Terry, and Gina forgets to inform the precinct about an important plan of Holt's.

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Guest Stars: Katey Sagal as Karen Peralta, Bradley Whitford as Roger Peralta, P.L. Brown as Judge Marinovich, Will Hines as Carl Kurm, Shelley Robertson as Celine

Writers: Alison Agosti, Gabe Liedman

Director: Bruce McCulloch

 This episode features in the list Jake and Amy: Key Episodes.

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Episode Quotes

Attorney: How do we know those were drugs? Please back that tape up.
Charles: No! Objection!
Judge: On what grounds?
Charles: That's my penis?
Judge: Overruled.

Captain Holt: This just might work out after all.
Gina: You're damn right it will, 'cause we're a ragtag, scrappity, fart-dumb, moron parade, smart-ass team!

Captain Holt: Congratulations.We did it. And we did it together because we're a team.
Hitchcock: Should we do it again next week, sir?
Captain Holt: No. I would hate that.

Amy: Jake, Karen is a grown woman with a pretty respectable credit score. I'm sure she knows what she's doing.
Jake: Amy, I know that you have a binder, but you don't know her like I do. She's too trusting for her own good. She's fallen for more Nigerian scams than Scully.
Amy: She's fallen for 20 Nigerian scams?
Jake: 20? That's insane. No, she's fallen for 2. Scully's fallen for 20?
Amy: Yeah.

Jake: What's this case?
Amy: Oh, this isn't work. It's research on your mom since we're finally meeting. It's very thorough.
Jake: Just relax. She's gonna love you. You're both strong, accomplished women that have seen me naked.

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314 'Karen Peralta' Press Release January 14 2016

FOX has issued the press release for the February 2 episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, "Karen Peralta". Katey Sagal (Married with Children, 8 Simple Rules) guest stars in the episode as Jake's mother, Karen Peralta. Bradley Whitford reprises his role as Jake's dad, Captain Roger Peralta.  Full story