318 - Cheddar Aired March 1, 2016


Holt allows Amy and Jake to house-sit for him while he visits Kevin in Paris, but mayhem ensues when Holt's beloved dog, Cheddar, goes missing under their watch. Meanwhile, a romantic fling between Adrian Pimento and Rosa disrupts Terry and the rest of the precinct.

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Guest Stars: Jason Mantzoukas as Adrian Pimento

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Episode Quotes

Jake: Attention, everyone! Say good-bye to the Jake Peralta you know and love, for today is the day I forever change.
Amy: Ooh, are you finally growing a mustache?
Jake: No, you know I can't do that, and it's cruel of you to keep bringing it up.

Jake: This envelope contains the inheritance my uncle left me. He died a year ago; he was so rich, he had a whole room in his house just to eat in.
Gina: You mean like a dining room?
Jake: Yeah, but in Manhattan.
Gina: Oh, dang.

Jake: Now, just because I'm definitely rich now doesn't mean I'm gonna forget my roots.
You all get something, so fire away.
Charles: Jake, your friendship is gift enough for me.
Rosa: Friendship is crap. I want a Ducati Monster 821.

Jake: All right, Rosa gets a motorcycle.
Amy: Oh, cool. I want a fast sports car.
Jake: Come on. You can be honest.
Amy: I want old, expensive books. I'll send you a list.
Jake: There you go.

Jake: Now, let's find out what I'm worth. Oh, I'm too nervous to open it. Sarge, you do it.
Sergeant Jeffords: Okay. It's stock. One million shares!
Jake: Oh, my God!
Sergeant Jeffords: Of Blockbuster Video stock.
All: Ohh.
Jake: What? Is that bad? I still have a Blockbuster card! What happened to Blockbuster?

News Stories

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318 'Cheddar' Press Release February 11 2016

FOX has issued the press release for the March 1 episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, "Cheddar". Jason Mantzoukas (The League) continues his guest arc as Adrian Pimento in the episode.  Full story