319 - Terry Kitties Aired March 15, 2016

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In an attempt to prove to his old precinct that he's not a joke, Terry enlists Jake's help in solving a case from his past. Meanwhile, Adrian moves in with Charles, with mixed results, and Amy invites herself to a hyper-competitive training exercise with Holt and Rosa.

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Guest Stars: Jason Mantzoukas as Adrian Pimento

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Episode Quotes

Captain Holt: Bonjour, mes amis.
Jake: Oh, someone had a good time in Paris.
Captain Holt: Oh, Kevin and I shared a perfect week together. I feel like I'm floating on a croissant. I wonder why people don't just break into song more often.

Gina: I've been asking you for months if I could answer the phone like, (singing) "Who dis?"
Captain Holt: Give it a whirl, girl.

Jake: Guys, he's rhyming. He's telling Gina to sing. Captain Holt is on a vacation high! He will say yes to anything right now.

Gina: I would like a police horse, and I'd like Terry to be riding it almost constantly.

Sergeant Jeffords: I'd like an HR person to remind everyone about workplace boundaries.

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319 'Terry Kitties' Press Release March 7 2016

FOX has released the synopsis for the next episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, "Terry Kitties", which airs Tuesday, March 15. Jason Mantzoukas continues his guest arc as Adrian Pimento.  Full story