Paranoia Season 3, Episode 20 - Aired March 29, 2016

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Rosa enlists Jake to help change Terry's disapproving opinion about her fast-moving relationship with Adrian Pimento. But their love for each other is put on hold when Pimento thinks someone from his past is trying to kill him.

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Guest Stars: Alek Cole as Anthony, Bob Minor as Will Yuarint, Jonathan Root as Man in Town Car, Max Silvestri as Patrick, Jason Mantzoukas as Adrian Pimento

Writers: Gabe Liedman

Director: Payman Benz

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Episode Quotes

Jake: That was 18 days ago. He's getting saner by the minute. In a month, he'll basically just be Frasier.
Sergeant Jeffords: Don't use Frasier's name in vain.
Jake: Copy that.

Gina: Now before I tell you my idea, are you allergic to dolphins?

Charles: May the best maid win.

Jake: Look, I know you're upset because Pimento seems a little amped up-
Sergeant Jeffords: We were going 90 with the headlights off!
Jake: But please just give him a chance to explain before getting all angry and yelling, "Hey, man!"
Sergeant Jeffords: Hey, man! What the hell were you doing?

Jake: Okay, look, this was maybe a weird way to start the night, but the good news is, we can still make our dinner reservation and no one got hurt.
Hitchcock: Actually, I cut myself real bad.
Jake: Of course you did.

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