321 - Maximum Security Aired April 5, 2016

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In an attempt to get information on a criminal operation, Amy has to go undercover at a women's prison and befriend one of the prisoners (guest star Aida Turturro). Meanwhile back at the precinct, Holt and the team plan a fake funeral in an attempt to catch a hitman.

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Guest Stars: Aida Turturro as Maura Figgis

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Episode Quotes

Jake: Ka-blamo, scrubs. I nailed it. I solved Captain Holt's brain teaser and found the location of our secret meeting. The answer? The broom closet. In your face.
Sergeant Jeffords: In whose face now?
Jake: Yours.

Sergeant Jeffords: Gina and I have been here 20 minutes.
Gina: Though my presence is not puzzle-related. I just followed Terry into a dark closet.

Rosa: Hey. You solved the puzzle before me. Nerds!
Jake: [scoffs] They solved it first. They're the nerds. I'm cool like you.

Rosa: Wait. Where's Captain Holt? Where's Amy?
Gina: Yeah, she should be the first one here. Doesn't she go to, like, an adult puzzle camp every summer?
Jake: Yes, but please don't bring that up. I've been throwing out her mailers.

Sergeant Jeffords: Guys, if those two aren't here, I'm thinking we must be in the wrong place.
Jake: No, trust me, we're definitely in the right place. I'm 100% sure about this.
Scully: Well, guess who solved the puzzle?
Hitchcock: Who?
Scully: We did.
Hitchcock: Oh, we did?
Jake: Yeah, we're in the wrong place.

News Stories

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321 'Maximum Security' Press Release March 28 2016

FOX has issued the press release for the April 5 episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, "Maximum Security", which airs at the special time of 9:30/8:30c. Aida Turturro (The Sopranos) guest stars in the episode.  Full story