322 - Bureau Aired April 12, 2016

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With Pimento's (guest star Jason Mantzoukas) life still in peril, Captain Holt calls on an old friend in the FBI (guest star Dennis Haysbert) to help with a seemingly impossible heist. Meanwhile Amy makes a breakthrough while undercover, and Terry and Gina discover an information leak in the Nine-Nine.

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Guest Stars: Dennis Haysbert as Special Agent Bob Annderson, Mary Lynn Rajskub as Genevieve, Aida Turturro as Maura Figgis, Jason Mantzoukas as Adrian Pimento

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Episode Quotes

Gina: So there's Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha, but New York City is really the fifth character.

Captain Holt: Then we're ready. Let's break into the FBI.
Jake: Oh, come on, Captain. This is such a big moment. Say it with more gusto.
Bob Annderson: Indeed. Like this: let's break into the FBI.
Captain Holt: Oh, I see. Let's break into the FBI.
Bob Annderson: No. Let's break into the FBI.
Captain Holt: Let's break into the FBI.
Bob Annderson: Let's break into the FBI.
Captain Holt: Let's break into the FBI. I feel like I'm doing it.
Bob Annderson: Let's break into the FBI.
Captain Holt: Let's break into the FBI.
Jake: Okay! I think we got it. (with gusto) Now, let's break into the FBI!

Guard: Another Sex-and-the-Citiot? Guilty as charged. My favorite season has to be the third one. Everything was going right for Carrie. Her face was on every bus, her column was the talk of the town, and she met everyone's favorite furniture maker, Aidan Shaw. Sure, she melted down when he tried to introduce her to his parents, and she flipped out when she bumped into Big getting out of that cab with Natasha, whom he had married. Hmm.
Who can blame her? They barely knew each other. The best episode that year was episode six, entitled "Are We Sluts?" You know the one. Carrie was all in her head because she and Aidan weren't having sex. Meanwhile, across town, Charlotte couldn't stop having sex.
And Samantha? Samantha was just being Samantha. The season finale that year was entitled "Cock-a-Doodle-Do."

Jake: Whoo-hoo-hoo! We did it! What? I'm only human. You can't always expect me to be the coolest guy ever.
Bob Annderson: Coolest guy ever? Try telling that to Alan Greenspan.
Captain Holt: Nice burn, Bob!

Rosa: Time for waiting is over. Now is the time for groin-stomping.
Bob Annderson: Damn right, it is! Let's go arrest that punk.
Jake: He says "punk" just like you.
Captain Holt: Where do you think he learned it, punk?