323 - Greg and Larry Aired April 19, 2016

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After a surprising turn of events in the Nine-Nine's attempt to track down Adrian Pimento's (guest star Jason Mantzoukas) hitman, the precinct drops everything when they suspect Holt is in danger.

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Guest Stars: Dennis Haysbert as Special Agent Bob Anderson, Jason Mantzoukas as Adrian Pimento

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Episode Quotes

Captain Holt: Come on, come on, Captain, pick up. Your friend Bob is secretly working for Jimmy "the Butcher" Figgis. This is a call you're gonna want to take.
Rosa: Bob must've done something to him.
Jake: Or maybe they're talking about something super boring, like potatoes or beans.

Captain Holt: White rice, brown rice. Those are just some of the rices I love.
Bob Anderson: Mmm.
Captain Holt: Also basmati.
Bob Anderson: Mmm.
Captain Holt: Uh, that's all of them now.

Bob Anderson: I should've known Agent Whelan was dirty. There were signs. He wore a V-neck once.
Captain Holt: Bob. You did nothing?
Bob Anderson: It's my greatest regret.

Bob Anderson: Would you mind getting us some food? I can't fathom eating these candies that Peralta bought us. Chocolate is the devil's carob.
Captain Holt: And carob is Satan's raisin.

Rosa: Gina said Holt is still in the building.
Jake: But where? I have to get into their heads. Woo.
"Bob, what are you doing?"
"I'm breaking the law, Raymond, because I'm the worst. Now walk out of this room as if nothing is happening."
"You'll never get away with this, Bob. Jake is on his way. He's a great cop, and he's going to save me."
"Really? He seemed so immature."
"Yes, he seems that way, "but I know the real Jake. He's like a son to me. And when this is all through, we're going on a road trip together."
Rosa: Jake!
Jake: Rosa, shh! I'm working on the case right now.

News Stories

Title Date Posted
323 'Greg and Larry' Press Release March 31 2016

FOX has released the synopsis for the third season finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, "Greg and Larry", which will air Tuesday, April 19. Dennis Haysbert (24) guest stars in the episode while Jason Mantzoukas returns as Adrian Pimento.  Full story