323 - Greg and Larry Aired April 19, 2016

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After a surprising turn of events in the Nine-Nine's attempt to track down Adrian Pimento's (guest star Jason Mantzoukas) hitman, the precinct drops everything when they suspect Holt is in danger.

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Guest Stars: Dennis Haysbert as Special Agent Bob Annderson, Jason Mantzoukas as Adrian Pimento

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Episode Quotes

Bob Annderson: I know Figgis, and you're in far more danger than I. He's coming for you. And I guarantee his soldiers find this place.
Rosa: Not gonna happen. I rent it out under a shell corporation.
Jake: Yeah.
Rosa: My mail goes to a P.O. box in Queens.
Jake: Yeah.
Rosa: My neighbors think my name is Emily Goldfinch.
Jake: Oh, yeah.
Rosa: People I work with all think my name is Rosa Diaz.
Jake: Yeah -wait, what?
Rosa: Don't worry about it.
Jake: Okay.

Captain Holt: White rice, brown rice. Those are just some of the rices I love.
Bob Annderson: Mmm.
Captain Holt: Also basmati.
Bob Annderson: Mmm.
Captain Holt: Uh, that's all of them now.

Captain Holt: Why'd you do it, Bob? Why'd you betray everything you ever stood for?
Bob Annderson: I spent 14 years bringing down a Mexican cartel. You know what they gave me for it? A letter of commendation with my last name misspelled.
Captain Holt: In all fairness, Bob, who spells "Anderson" with three Ns?

Captain Holt: Come on, come on, Captain, pick up. Your friend Bob is secretly working for Jimmy "the Butcher" Figgis. This is a call you're gonna want to take.
Rosa: Bob must've done something to him.
Jake: Or maybe they're talking about something super boring, like potatoes or beans.

Bob Annderson: I should've known Agent Whelan was dirty. There were signs. He wore a V-neck once.
Captain Holt: Bob. You did nothing?
Bob Annderson: It's my greatest regret.

News Stories

Title Date Posted
323 'Greg and Larry' Press Release March 31 2016

FOX has released the synopsis for the third season finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, "Greg and Larry", which will air Tuesday, April 19. Dennis Haysbert (24) guest stars in the episode while Jason Mantzoukas returns as Adrian Pimento.  Full story