Coral Palms Pt. 1 Season 4, Episode 1 - Aired September 20, 2016

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Jake and Holt remain in Florida, adjusting to their new lives under the Witness Protection Program, while Jimmy "The Butcher" Figgis is still on the loose. Their one human link to their regular lives is U.S. Marshall Karen Haas, but their anonymity may be in danger when a video of them goes viral.

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Guest Stars: Maya Rudolph as U.S. Marshal Karen Haas, Rhea Perlman as Estelle, Betsy Sodaro as Jordan Carfton, Jorma Taccone as Taylor, Georgie Guinane as Carly, Susan Berger as Ruth, Billy Ray Gallion as Hestus, Algerita Wynn as Judy-Jill Lenda

Writers: Dan Goor

Director: Michael McDonald

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Episode Quotes

Captain Holt: I was already suspicious about your new positive attitude towards Florida, a state you once described as America's stinky butt. But then, after we met the marshal, you said something very strange.
Jake: It was "squirt-anly," wasn't it?
Captain Holt: No, something much stranger.
[cut to] Jake: [slowed audio] You were right.
Captain Holt: I knew then that you were up to something, so I followed you here. I guessed the combination on the first try: 69-69.
Jake: June 9, 1969, the day my parents got married.
Captain Holt: No, it isn't.
Jake: My mom's birthday.
Captain Holt: No.
Jake: The moon landing.
Captain Holt: Nope.
Jake: Fine, you're right. It's a completely random number.

Captain Holt: Here at the Fun Zone, we live by one rule: when it's your birthday, you're always cool. Parents and kids are all the same. Watch as I do a dance to your name. [steady drumbeat] D-d-d-d-d-d-Derek. D-d-d-d-d-d-Derek.
Jake: Again.

Captain Holt: Oh, now, Stella, you know I'm still getting over the tragic loss of my wife. She was such a strong, female woman with nice, heavy breasts.

Captain Holt: Good morning, Carly, Tanny. Looks like you're keeping the machines running smoothly.
Carly: Whatever.
Captain Holt: Carly will be the first to go.

Captain Holt: This is your fault.
Jake: Or maybe it's your fault for stealing my files. You know what? It doesn't matter. We have to get that video. Can we please just press pause on this fight and work together?
Captain Holt: Yes, on one condition: you stay the hell away from my walking group.
Jake: The walking group meant nothing to me.
Captain Holt: That's even worse!