Coral Palms Pt. 2 Season 4, Episode 2 - Aired September 27, 2016

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After Jimmy The Butcher Figgis sees Jake and Holt's viral video, the two begin plotting their attack. However, when caught red-handed, they are forced to experience the other side of the interrogation table. Back at the precinct, a questionable new Captain takes over.

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Guest Stars: Ken Marino as Captain C.J. Jason Stentley, Jim O'Heir as Sheriff Reynolds, Maya Rudolph as U.S. Marshal Karen Haas, Esther Povitsky as Emily, Susan Berger as Ruth, Colin Campbell as Evan Spekesup, Jeremy Lawson as Mitch, John Littlefield as Wax Eagan, Maurice Webster as Deputy Thom, Biff Wiff as Tito

Writers: Tricia McAlpin

Director: Trent O'Donnell

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Episode Quotes

Captain Holt: Actually I borrowed $3,000 from my walking group friend Ruth.
[cut to Holt and Ruth power walking]
Captain Holt: Ruth, I'm going to be straight with you. I accidentally knocked up a woman.
Ruth: Greg!
Captain Holt: You know me. I see a pair of thick weighty breasts and all logic flies out the window.
Jake: Heterosexual you is such a dog.

Amy: Some people, huh?
Charles: Hey, I'm up to 20,000 steps.
Amy: Seriously, Boyle?
Charles: Oh, you don't care about my health? You don't care about if Nikolaj grows up without a papa? You want me to die?
Amy: Honestly? A little.
Charles: Hurts.

Jake: Also it probably goes without saying, but it's chill to whiz in this thing. I mean, I have been. You can if you want. I haven't been if you haven't. Have you? I haven't. Have you?

Amy: Guys, guys, the marshal gave me good news about Jake.
Charles: Jake's back. Jake's back! Oh, we're not ready. We need gummy worms. We need them now!

Captain Holt: No, we'll have to bribe the gun store owner so he doesn't run our names.
Jake: But we don't have any money. Oh, my God. I'm the bribe, aren't I?
Captain Holt: You're not the bribe.
Jake: Why, what's wrong with my body?