The Last Ride Season 4, Episode 15 - Aired April 25, 2017

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In what could be their last case as partners, Jake and Charles go to great extremes to apprehend a local bike thief. Terry shockingly isn't in the lead for "Mr. Nine-Nine" (the detective who has solved the most cases), leaving Rosa determined to boost his ego. Meanwhile, Amy spends some precious time with Holt.

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Guest Stars: Kenny Stevenson as Mark, Drew Difonzo Marks as Greg, Dale Pavinski as Dom, Deren Tadlock as Merv, Kevin Dorff as Hank, Anthony Soike as Bodie, Kenny Stevenson as Mark, Deren Tadlock as Marv

Writers: David Phillips

Director: Linda Mendoza

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Episode Quotes

Captain Holt: Do not trust any child that chews bubble gum-flavored bubble gum.
Do not trust any adult that chews gum at all.
Never vacation in Banff.

Captain Holt: Attention, squad. Here's where we stand vis-à-vis whether or not the precinct will be shut down. The precinct will be shut down.

Sergeant Jeffords: Besides, it's not about me wanting the record. It's about who currently has it. Hitchcock.
Rosa: Hitchcock?
Hitchcock: Hitchcock?

Amy: Hey, can I talk to the captain?
Gina: Ugh, he's on the phone. Do you want a coffee while you wait? They made me an extra one on accident.
Amy: Oh, sure. Thank you. Oh, my God! What is that?
Gina: Cement! You just drank cement! Guys, check back in to see if she dies.
Ugh! [choking] You're not really gonna die probably, okay? Just a little honey for the G-Hive. Also you can talk to Holt. He is not on the phone.
Amy: What is happening?
Gina: It's a little something I call two pranks for the price of one!
[Amy enters Holt's office]
Captain Holt: Santiago, I'm on the phone.
Gina: Triple prank!

Captain Holt: What do you want?
Amy: Well, since there's a good chance that things are coming to an end, I just wanted to say thank you for everything that you've taught me. I know you may not see yourself as my mentor, but-
Captain Holt: Of course I do. I've been mentoring you all this time.
Amy: [high-pitched squeal] What?
Captain Holt: This is day 1,282 of a nine-year mentorship. Under ordinary circumstances I wouldn't reveal this to you until day 3,300.
Amy: It was real. There was a binder.

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