Moo Moo Season 4, Episode 16 - Aired May 2, 2017

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Sergeant Jeffords is stopped by a fellow police officer while off-duty in his own neighborhood. When the incident escalates, Terry wants to file an official complaint against him, but Captain Holt has other ideas. Meanwhile, Jake and Amy get a glimpse into the difficulties of parenthood and answer some tough questions when they babysit Terry's kids.

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Guest Stars: Desmond Harrington as Officer Maldack, Merrin Dungey as Sharon, Kelsey Yates as Cagney Jeffords, Skyler Yates as Lacey Jeffords, Danny Araujo as Officer Jellison, Casey Feigh as Eugune, Mary Holland as Tricia, Karen Lew as Margo, Theodore John Barnes as Little Terry, Christopher Griffin as Bully

Writers: Phil Augusta Jackson

Director: Maggie Carey

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Episode Quotes

Rosa: What's wrong?
Sergeant Jeffords: I got stopped by a cop last night.
Rosa: Stopped for what?
Sergeant Jeffords: Stopped for walking.
Rosa: That makes zero sense unless- Oh, crap. I see what happened.
Sergeant Jeffords: Yeah.
Jake: Sarge, that's terrible.
Amy: That's so messed up.
Scully: Oh, jeez. I have no idea what's going on.
Hitchcock: He got stopped for being black. Get woke, Scully.

Margo: Oh, Ray, there you are. I'm about to start my Scottsdale slideshow. It has all the highlights.
Captain Holt: There are no highlights in Scottsdale, Margo.
Margo: That's what you think, Raymond.
Captain Holt: [breathing deeply]

Captain Holt: There's politics to being a cop.
Sergeant Jeffords: But I wasn't harassed for being a cop. I was harassed as a black man.
Captain Holt: I'm not saying do nothing. I'm saying the most powerful action you can take is to rise through the ranks so that you can make large-scale changes. I've had to pick my battles, and it hasn't always been easy, but now I have my own precinct, a precinct whose officers would never do to you what Officer Maldack did.
Sergeant Jeffords: I understand what you're saying, but-
Captain Holt: Shh. I hear Margo's squeaky shoes in the hallway. One guess as to where in Arizona she brought them. Scottsdale.

Sergeant Jeffords: I'm sorry for interrupting your dinner party.
Captain Holt: No problem at all. This is important. Also, Kevin's friend Margo is here, and she's a real class-A drip.

Sergeant Jeffords: Sir, I can't get why you don't want me to file the complaint. I thought you of all people would support me.
Captain Holt: First of all, let me say, what that officer did to you was wrong, deeply wrong, and I'm furious about it.
Sergeant Jeffords: Okay. So why don't you back me up?
Captain Holt: Because that complaint could backfire. Cops who blow the whistle on other cops almost always face a backlash, just like people who socialize with Margo invariably hear about her trip to Scottsdale.
Sergeant Jeffords: You're real worked up about Margo.
Captain Holt: Sorry. She's horrible.

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