Moo Moo Season 4, Episode 16 - Aired May 2, 2017

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Sergeant Jeffords is stopped by a fellow police officer while off-duty in his own neighborhood. When the incident escalates, Terry wants to file an official complaint against him, but Captain Holt has other ideas. Meanwhile, Jake and Amy get a glimpse into the difficulties of parenthood and answer some tough questions when they babysit Terry's kids.

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Guest Stars: Desmond Harrington as Officer Maldack, Merrin Dungey as Sharon, Kelsey Yates as Cagney Jeffords, Skyler Yates as Lacey Jeffords, Danny Araujo as Officer Jellison, Casey Feigh as Eugune, Mary Holland as Tricia, Karen Lew as Margo, Theodore John Barnes as Little Terry, Christopher Griffin as Bully

Writers: Phil Augusta Jackson

Director: Maggie Carey

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Episode Quotes

Sergeant Jeffords: Hey, Peralta. How's it going, man?
Jake: Pretty good. Thanks for asking.
Sergeant Jeffords: Cool, cool, cool. So how's it going?
Jake: I'm still pretty good. Nothing has changed.
Sergeant Jeffords: I hadn't heard about that.
Jake: All right, you're clearly not listening to me. I can say whatever I want.
Sergeant Jeffords: Tell me about it.
Jake: I murdered Charles this weekend.
Sergeant Jeffords: I feel you.
Jake: Now that I have the taste for blood, I can't stop murdering.
Sergeant Jeffords: Been there.
Jake: Okay, Sarge. Sarge?
Sergeant Jeffords: Jake. When'd you get here? I'm sorry. I'm just trying to see if Captain Holt is done with his meeting yet. So, how's it going?
Jake: Okay. We've been over this. I'm pretty good.

Jake: Why are you acting so weird?
Sergeant Jeffords: I'm nervous. I'm gonna talk to Captain Holt about getting me more responsibility. Well, got to go. Die Hard. Explosions. Whatever.
Jake: Wait, no! Just when the conversation was getting interesting!

Sergeant Jeffords: Where the hell is Moo Moo?
Jake: Oh, no. I think Terry has a child named Moo Moo, and we forgot to pick her up.

Rosa: What's wrong?
Sergeant Jeffords: I got stopped by a cop last night.
Rosa: Stopped for what?
Sergeant Jeffords: Stopped for walking.
Rosa: That makes zero sense unless- Oh, crap. I see what happened.
Sergeant Jeffords: Yeah.
Jake: Sarge, that's terrible.
Amy: That's so messed up.
Scully: Oh, jeez. I have no idea what's going on.
Hitchcock: He got stopped for being black. Get woke, Scully.

Sergeant Jeffords: I'm sorry for interrupting your dinner party.
Captain Holt: No problem at all. This is important. Also, Kevin's friend Margo is here, and she's a real class-A drip.

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