Cop-Con Season 4, Episode 17 - Aired May 9, 2017

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The precinct packs up and heads to the Tri-State Police Officers' annual Cop-Con, which is usually the Nine-Nine's excuse for a big annual party. But the squad's fun is threatened this year when Holt asks them to be on their best behavior. Then, Amy suddenly vanishes hours before taking the Sergeant Exam, and it's up to Jake and Rosa to find her before it's too late.

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Guest Stars: Andy Daley as Jeffrey Bouche, Michael Gantz as Detective Dyson, Audrey Wasilewski as Cindy Shatz, Vishesh Chachra as Fred Manchille, Sarah Baker as Kylie

Writers: Andy Gosche

Director: Giovani Lampassi

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Episode Quotes

Charles: See you in hell, partner. [Charles pushes the K-13 robot off the balconey]
Jake: You killed her?
Charles: Her? Oh, my God, it was a her. You were replacing Amy, not me. What have I done?

Jake: Can I help you with something?
Captain Holt: I'm concerned that my presentation isn't, uh, "jazzy" enough to compete with Jeffrey's. He's such a showman.
Jake: Yeah.
Captain Holt: I'm thinking about augmenting the graphs with, um, color.
Jake: Sir.
Captain Holt: I know. I'm debasing myself. Anyway, give this to Jeffords. He's the artist. I'd like him to choose the, um-
Jake: Color?
Captain Holt: Yes.

Jake: Attention, our boss is headed this way. Everyone has to clear the hallway right now.
[The crowd grumbles]
Amy: Shh!
[The crowd is silent]
Charles: [whispering] Wow, she is great at shushing.
Jake: I know, she's like a librarian.
Rosa: You mean, like a sexy librarian?
Jake: No, a regular one.

Jake: Right, right. Um, I know that Terry definitely did do that work, so I'll just go grab 'em. Okay. Uh, you wait here. You can't come in because Amy's naked and she's embarrassed of her weird body.

Jake: Mm, hey, Captain.
Captain Holt: Are you just waking up? It's 11:00 a.m.
Jake: [scoffs] No, no, I'm just tired 'cause, um, I worked out so much this morning.
Captain Holt: Ah.
Jake: You know, squat 400 on the bench push fitness and whatnot.