Crime & Punishment Season 4, Episode 22 - Aired May 23, 2017

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As Jake and Rosa continue their search for a bank-robbing operation with Lieutenant Hawkins, they realize there's more to her team than meets the eye. After discovering a dangerous secret, they call for back-up from Holt and Pimento. Meanwhile, Boyle objects to Gina's new boyfriend. Then, Jake and Rosa are framed for a crime they didn't commit, it's up to the Nine-Nine to find a way to bust them out.

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Guest Stars: Gina Gershon as Lieutenant Melanie Hawkins, Anita Bennett as Haley Lee, Rick Chambers as Kit Durning, Liberte Chan as Anna Hsu, Johnny Ray Meeks as Samuel Miller, P.L. Brown as Judge Marinovich, Will Hines as Carl Kurm, Elisa Perry as Nancy Crunder, Emily Berry as Temma, Eugene Cordero as Pandemic, Kulap Vilaysak as Nightmare, Brent Briscoe as Matthew Langdon, Scott Aukerman as Glandis, Bunnie Rivera as Judy Forewoman

Writers: Justin Noble, Jessica Polonsky

Director: Dan Goor

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Episode Quotes

Captain Holt: You got this.
Sergeant Jeffords: You got this.
Charles: You got this.
Jake: Charles, you're-
Charles: In a wheelchair, yep. My back gave out when I was dyeing my pubes. I was only halfway done. I'm like Cruella de Vil down there.

Amy: Should we talk about what happens if they somehow find you guilty?
Jake: That's not happening. But what we should talk about is how we're gonna celebrate when I win. I'm thinking we take a trip to Paris or London, Rome, anywhere Jason Bourne has driven a car down some stairs.
Amy: Paris sounds fun. Or we could just go somewhere we could actually afford.
Jake: Oh, we can afford it. Don't forget I robbed a bank. I'm sitting on $26 million, baby!
Judge Marinovich: Excuse me?
Amy: Oh! He's just kidding.
Jake: Yeah, I'm innocent. You'll see when we get in there. Nice talking to you, Judge.

Sergeant Jeffords: There's no need to stress out. The lawyer's very confident.
Charles: Not good enough. I need to do everything I can to save Jake.
Sergeant Jeffords: Charles, you're falling apart. And that's not helping anyone. You need to get your crap in order.
Charles: Okay, you're right. I'll take a nap. I'll eat. I'll dye my pubes.
Sergeant Jeffords: You can dye all your hair.
Charles: No. There's no time.

Samuel Miller: Okay, so that's where we stand. Are there any questions or comments?
Captain Holt: Yes, there's something I'd like to say. Don't lose.
Sergeant Jeffords: Thought that was gonna be longer.
Jake: I loved it.
Rosa: It was perfect.

Samuel Miller: Prosecution claims you stole $26 million, but they can't trace that money to you in any way.
Jake: Yeah, I have negative $73 in my bank account. Ba-boom!
Amy: I'm somehow embarrassed and proud of you at the same time.
Jake: Yeah, that's my sweet spot.