504 - HalloVeen Aired October 17, 2017


The Nine-Nine embarks on its fifth annual Halloween Heist and, as usual, everybody has a plan and no one is safe. Relationships and friendships are tested as the title "Amazing Human Slash Genius" must be snagged by midnight, leaving everyone pitted against each other.

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Guest Stars: Winston Story as Bill, Paul Mabon as Officer Lou

Episode Quotes

Captain Holt: So, where on Gina's mobile should I place this moonless Jupiter? I pity the child who lies beneath this solar system.

Captain Holt: Well, if I'm sweating, as you claim, it's because I was watching an exciting video on the net.
Hitchcock: Really? What?
Captain Holt: It was a video of an American gymnast. His leotard ripped, exposing his butt. It was highly erotic.
Hitchcock: You're lying. I.T. just installed blocker software, thanks to moi.
Captain Holt: Uh, yes, but they didn't install it on my computer, because I'm a captain.
Hitchcock: You don't look hot and bothered at all to me. Show us the erotica.
Captain Holt: Gentlemen, I assure you, there's nothing to see.

Captain Holt: Wait a minute this isn't the championship cummerbund. This is some common cummerbund. And you're not Cheddar. You're just some common bitch.

Captain Holt: Cheddar! Where is my dog?
Sergeant Jeffords: Aren't you standing right next to him?
Captain Holt: This bitch? Please.

Captain Holt: I know one of you took Cheddar, and you did it for the sake of the heist, but if anything happens to him, I will end you. I couldn't bring myself to neuter Cheddar, but I will neuter you all.

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504 'HalloVeen' Press Release September 28 2017

FOX has issued the press release for the October 17 episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, "HalloVeen".  Full story