Bad Beat Season 5, Episode 5 - Aired November 7, 2017

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To track down the infamous arms dealer Dan "Daniel" Valdano (guest star David Figlioli), Jake and Terry go undercover at an illegal gambling club, but when Holt gets involved to coach the two in the art of poker, his addiction resurfaces. Meanwhile, Boyle buys a food truck that was formerly used in a brutal string of murders without telling his investor, Amy, and Hitchcock and Scully challenge Rosa to a "Butt-lympics".

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Guest Stars: Mark Weiler as Dealer, Chip Chinery as Don, David Figlioli as Daniel Valdano, Jay Sincere as Nick

Writers: Carol Kolb

Director: Kat Coiro

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Episode Quotes

Scully: I miss my home chair.
Rosa: You miss a chair?

Captain Holt: Yes, yes, come to papa. Raise it a grand! Call. Raise. A pair of candy canes. I'm all in, baby.
Jake: What are you doing, sir?
Captain Holt: Working the case. Sharpening my poker skills for Valdano.
Jake: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, and why are you watching this children's beauty pageant?
Captain Holt: For fun, obviously. No, Jayla, don't drop the baton. No, I had so much riding on you!

Jake: It was the "shouldn't've" that finally tipped me off. I've never heard you use a double contraction before.
Captain Holt: And you never will again.

Captain Holt: I can stop whenever I want.
Sergeant Jeffords: Then stop.
Captain Holt: I don't want.

Jake: Damn, Cap. Are you secretly cool?
Captain Holt: Well, poker is just math, so I guess it depends on if you consider the mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss cool.
Jake: I do not.

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