506 - The Venue Aired November 14, 2017

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The always unwelcome Vulture pops back into Jake and Amy's lives, threatening to swoop in and take something important away from them. Meanwhile, Boyle and Rosa must track down "Sergeant Peanut Butter," the kidnapped NYPD horse that Charles envies, and Holt challenges Terry to be less image-conscious.

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Guest Stars: Dean Winters as The Vulture, Maria Thayer as Jean Munhroe, Kevin D'Arcy as Jeremy, Ryan Radis as Chip, Franco Vega as Officer Brian, Nicole Pettis as Teri

Episode Quotes

Teri: Excuse me?
Sergeant Jeffords: I said, "Terry's got butt for days!"
Teri: Please stop talking about my body.
Sergeant Jeffords: What?
Teri: I'm Teri. You just said I had "butt for days."
Sergeant Jeffords: Oh, I see what just happened. Terry's gonna regret this.
Teri: Are you threatening me?
Sergeant Jeffords: No! No, no. This is a misunderstanding. My name is also Terry, and I was talking about my butt.
Teri: So you were complimenting your own body?
Sergeant Jeffords: Well, I'm pretty proud of it. Do you know how old I am?
Teri: Okay. Apology accepted. Seems pretty arrogant, though.
Captain Holt: This might not be the right time, but talking about yourself in the third person has finally-
Sergeant Jeffords: Terry knows!

Sergeant Jeffords: Sir, can I get $350 in petty cash? I need to throw an ice cream party for Teri-with-an-I, make sure there's no hard feelings.
Captain Holt: Why? She gets it was a misunderstanding. She's a Teri, and you're a Terrance who, even though he's not a child, still goes by a nickname ending in a Y.
Sergeant Jeffords: I mean, don't people call you Ray?
Captain Holt: How dare you.

Jake: Attention, Nine-Nine. We have an announcement.
Charles: "Shrek Live" is coming back to Broadway!
Jake: Nope, you dreamed that.
Charles: Aw.

Jake: Wait, what's wrong? Something's wrong. That's the look my mom gave me right before she told me that my dad left. Oh, God, did my dad leave my mom again? How do you know my mom and dad?

Jake: Nothing makes sense anymore. The Vulture's not the Vulture, good is bad, up is down, there's a young pope, winter has come. That reminds me: I ordered some premium cable channels.

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