Return to Skyfire Season 5, Episode 8 - Aired November 28, 2017

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When Terry's favorite author, DC Parlov (guest star Fred Melamed), returns to the precinct because his latest manuscript was stolen, Terry and Jake convince Rosa to go undercover with them at a fantasy fiction convention to find the culprit. As drama ensues between Parlov and another writer (guest star Rob Huebel), Terry admits that he's been writing a book of his own. Back at the precinct, Holt, Amy and Charles take a forensics course, but Charles' big mouth gets him in trouble.

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Guest Stars: Paxton Booth as Ethan Moorgil, Todd Aaron Brotze as Miles Moorgil, Rachael Drummond as Jessica Moorgil, Steve Trzaska as Ka'lar, Fred Melamed as D.C. Parlov, Rob Huebel as Landon Lawson, Reggie Lee as Dr. Ronald Yee, Kevin Brunner as Alvin Glanz

Writers: Neil Campbell

Director: Linda Mendoza

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Episode Quotes

Charles: We buried my Nana Boyle at the family farm, but because of the soil's high salt content, she turned into jerky.

Rosa: Why are you so excited? You don't care about those stupid books.
Jake: I actually did read all of them in prison. They are the greatest books I've ever read, and I've read "Cujo."

Captain Holt: Boyle, it's us. Where were you going? Why would you leave that windowless supply closet we locked you in? Ah, yes, hearing it, I understand why.

Dr. Ronald Yee: Well, anyway, RFLP testing was designed to localize genetic disorders, and it-
Charles: Ooh, my cousin Donna has a genetic disorder where her lips were made of cartilage, meaning her mouth is technically a beak.
Dr. Ronald Yee: I don't see how that pertains to anything-
Captain Holt: No, let him talk. I want to hear it. Boyle, tell us about your cousin's beak.
Charles: Well, she runs marathons to raise money for other people afflicted with "bird-face." There are only two of them. They're her kids.

Jake: You figured it out.
Sergeant Jeffords: Well, I had a gut feeling, so I went digging. I got a warrant for Parlov's browser history. He searched "how to liquidate Bitcoins" three days before the laptops were stolen.
Jake: Man, I bet that browser history was a nightmare, huh?
Sergeant Jeffords: Oh, you have no idea.
Jake: Yeah.

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