The Box Season 5, Episode 14 - Aired April 1, 2018

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Jake embarks on an all-night long interrogation in order to elicit a confession out of a suspect. But when Captain Holt skips the opera in order to stay back and help, the two cops clash over how to get him to talk.

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Guest Stars: Romy Rosemont as Claire Damont, Sterling K. Brown as Philip Davidson

Writers: Luke Del Tredici

Director: Claire Scanlon

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Episode Quotes

Jake: That's okay. I have no questions. That's right. I'm about to monologue, son.

Captain Holt: Look, I thought you had him on the calendar reveal. [sighs] But he was a step ahead. You got flustered, and I realized in the moment we could use this to our advantage.
Jake: So what do you want me to do, ask stupid questions?
Captain Holt: Stupid questions, grammatical errors, lose your train of thought, just ask him to confess ooh, relate everything back to those movies you've seen.
Jake: Kinda seems like a shot at me about "Die Hard," but okay.

Captain Holt: What are you smiling about?
Jake: How uncomfortable this guy is. Jacked up the thermostat, got the table all sticky, made one of the chair legs too short, and worst of all, I had Gina greet him.
Captain Holt: What did you have her do?
Jake: Be herself.
Captain Holt: Poor son of a bitch.
Jake: Yeah.

Captain Holt: An interrogation with a ticking clock and everything on the line? I better call Kevin and tell him I won't be attending the opera. There's someone else I'd rather hear sing.
Jake: Oh, damn!
Captain Holt: Hello, Kevin. I won't be joining you at the opera tonight-
Jake: [whispering] Oh, sorry, I didn't know you were on the phone already. Oh, damn!

Captain Holt: You're right. He did it. But we have no murder weapon, no witnesses, and you really didn't find any usable forensic evidence?
Jake: The body was discovered rotting in the Pine Barrens. It'd been rained on for weeks and chewed up by coyotes. The only other DNA other than the vic's was some bear semen found in the hair.
Captain Holt: Right. Who found the body?
Jake: Hikers. You're really just gonna blow past the bear semen detail?
Captain Holt: I imagine a bear mistook the rotting corpse for a female of its species and had intercourse with it. Nothing I haven't seen before.
Jake: It isn't?

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