The Puzzle Master Season 5, Episode 15 - Aired April 8, 2018

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Jake surprises Amy with an investigation into a string of arsons connected to her favorite crossword puzzle author, Vin Stermley. Meanwhile, Gina helps Holt jazz up his Commissioner candidate speech, and Terry, Rosa, Hitchcock and Scully argue over who is most deserving of the new detective car.

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Guest Stars: David Fumero as Vin Stermley, Will Shortz as Sam Jepson, Allison Tolman as Olivia Crawford, Alan Brooks as John Kelly I, Amir Levi as Cy, Dan Lippert as Timothy, Meghann Murphy as Helen, Kinner Shah as Ed, Stewart Skelton as Patrick Faricy

Writers: Lang Fisher

Director: Akiva Schaffer

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Episode Quotes

Gina: I did a little sleuthing on your rivals. You want me to spill the beans?
Captain Holt: Why would you ever intentionally spill beans? They're one of nature's most densely packed protein sources, and they remain unsullied by flavor.

Captain Holt: Let me begin with a hilarious joke. I'm surprised I was on the short list for commissioner. After all, I am six feet tall.

Amy: Oh, maybe we should look at anagrams of the answers.
Vin Stermley: That's really good, "o nasty amiga!"
Jake: Oh, what?
Amy: He re-arranged the letters of "Amy Santiago". He anagrammed me! Vin, do Jake Peralta.
Jake: I doubt that's even possible.
Vin Stermley: Eat a jerk, pal.
Jake: What, no one's ever said that phrase.

Captain Holt: Fine, fine, tell me everything.
Gina: All right, have a seat. It's Gina time. Say hello to your compe-tish. Bryan McCann, John Kelly, and John Kelly. Yes, that's right, there are two John Kellys.
Captain Holt: How are these not the same man?
Gina: You should see their wives. Or should I say, wife.
Captain Holt: Good God!

Gina: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. What are you doing? You're snacking? This is from the guy who told me that eating finger foods was the one true sign of depression?

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