He Said, She Said Season 6, Episode 8 - Aired February 28, 2019

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Jake and Amy investigate a difficult "he said, she said" case. Holt becomes suspicious after learning his lifelong arch nemesis died in a prison transport accident.

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Guest Stars: Briga Heelan as Keri Brennan, Jonathan Chase as Seth Haggerty, Gabe Liedman as Dr. Oliver Cox, Matt Lowe as Beefer, Michael Albala as Albert, Hardy Awadjie as Geoff Havili, Mark Beltzman as Lyle, E.J. Callahan as Ernest Zumowski, Magnus Chhan as Trent, Tony Evangelista as Cam, Richard Finkelstein as Disco Strangler, Krista Kalmus as Paula, Jennifer Neala Page as Regina Park, Toni Robinson-May as Alexandra, Peter James Smith as Ron

Writers: Lang Fisher

Director: Stephanie Beatriz

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Episode Quotes

Jake: Amy's just upset because the historically entrenched patriarchy has created a culture of victim-shaming that suppresses any power shift in our masculo-phallic system.
Amy: Huh?
Jake: I couldn't sleep last night so I watched a documentary on Netflix about feminism.
Amy: I love you.

Regina Park: Sorry if my voice is raspy. They just took the breathing tube out.
Captain Holt: But they left the BS in?
Sergeant Jeffords: Good God.
Charles: Whoa.

Sergeant Jeffords: Captain, sorry to interrupt. I just got off the phone with the Department of Corrections. They wanted me to let you know that Ernest Zumowski died.
Captain Holt: My goodness. It's been a while since I've heard that name. I hunted him for years and finally caught him and put an end to his bloodlust. In some sick way, I am who I am because of Ernest Zumowski AKA-
All: The Disco Strangler.
Captain Holt: Oh, so you knew who I was talking about?
Charles: Yeah, sir, you talk about him a lot.
Captain Holt: You know, the yo-yo was his-
All: Calling card.
Captain Holt: Oh, I mentioned that too? So how'd he die?
Sergeant Jeffords: He was in a prison transport van, and he got in a terrible accident. It burst into flames, and he was trapped inside.
Captain Holt: [laughing] Well, well, well, he finally did it.
Charles: Died horribly?
Captain Holt: Escaped. Just like he said he would all those years ago.
Disco Strangler: I'll be coming back for you. I'm just like disco, baby. I will never die.
Captain Holt: True, disco will never die, but you will-
All: In your cell, punk.
Captain Holt: Oh, so I've told that part of the story as well?
Sergeant Jeffords: Yes, at every Christmas party.
Charles: Sir, I am the first to tout the capabilities of senior citizens. I have made love to many, but the Disco Strangler is over 80. I doubt that he could pull off an escape like this.
Captain Holt: Oh, that's what he wants you to think. You're both underestimating him. I know 28 other people who did that, and they all ended up with yo-yos around their throats.
Charles and Sergeant Jeffords: Necks.
Captain Holt: Nope, I said "throats," not necks, which means I haven't told that story too many times. All right, lace up your dancing shoes because it's time to catch this disco bastard.

Captain Holt: Now due to the sensitive subject matter, I think it makes sense to partner Peralta with-
Hitchcock: Me? Because I'm the best at sex?
Captain Holt: No, Hitchcock. In fact, you know what? This isn't your week. Why don't you take a few days off?
Hitchcock: Sweet! Have fun working, cucks!

Dr. Oliver Cox: So in conclusion: the burns on Zumowski's body are consistent with a massive vehicle fire.
Captain Holt: If this even is his body.
Dr. Oliver Cox: Excuse me?
Captain Holt: We're talking about the Disco Strangler a serial killer, who for six years stayed one step ahead of the entire NYPD.
Sergeant Jeffords: Not sure he had many steps left in him, sir. Take a look.
Charles: Aw. He looks fragile and sweet.
Captain Holt: Sweet as poison pie.

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