The Therapist Season 6, Episode 11 - Aired March 21, 2019

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Charles brings Jake into a case when a therapist reports one of his patient's missing. Holt finds out Rosa has a new girlfriend that everyone else has met. Amy believes she has accidentally received a package meant for Terry.

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Guest Stars: David Paymer as Dr. Frederick Tate, Cameron Esposito as Jocelyn, Fran Gillespie as Sheena, Anna Khaja as Dr. Theresa Moore, Kimberly Condict as Wendy Polm, Sonje Fortag as Tanya Grubvic

Writers: Jeff Topolski

Director: Rebecca Addelman

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Episode Quotes

Captain Holt: [on the phone] Kevin, they're not coming. Yes, I know you've already started soaking the rice. Couldn't we just eat it ourselves? I understand you purchased four portions of rice. Yes, that's a great idea. We'll eat the extra rice for breakfast. I love you, as well.

Jake: Behold, Brooklyn buddies, Boyle bullpen bottle bowling.
Charles: Beautiful.
Jake: Be brave, bro. Be brave. Bowl!
Rosa: Bam!
Charles: Bull's-eye!
Jake: Booyah!
Elderly Eastern European Woman: Babushka!
All: Babushka!

Rosa: Thank you for the invite, but I'm not really having people meet Jocelyn yet. I'm still feeling things out with her.
Captain Holt: But Boyle says you brought Jocelyn to Shaw's last week.
Rosa: That was unplanned.
Captain Holt: Sure, but now that the squad has all met her, surely you can't object to her having some rice with Kevin and me?
Rosa: Okay, it's just that you can be a bit judgmental.
Captain Holt: What a stupid thing to say. Name one time when I have been judgmental.
Rosa: Okay.
Captain Holt: What a stupid thing to say.
Captain Holt: Oh, I see. Mere seconds ago.

Jake: Okay, unlike Kooky Charles and Tearful Terry, I am healthy and don't need therapy.
Hitchcock: I hear that. I don't go to therapy either. Jake and I are like two penises in a pod.
Jake: Damn it, Hitchcock, we talked about this. It never helps when you back me up.

Charles: Listen, I'm sorry. I guess you were right about the therapist.
Jake: Yeah, well, that's nice of you to say, Charles, but actually, when I was stalling Dr. Tate, I started talking about my parents' divorce, and it felt really good. I can't believe I'm gonna say this, but I think I'm gonna make an appointment with a shrink.
Charles: Jake, that is so great. And I know a guy who's really good. You will love having him inside of you.
Jake: Okay.
Charles: What? Oh, come on, mister. Grow up. Get your mind out of the gutter, ya perv!

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