Casecation Season 6, Episode 12 - Aired April 11, 2019

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Work is so busy for Jake and Amy that they end up celebrating their anniversary while standing guard over a comatose patient in the hospital.

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Guest Stars: Julia Sweeney as Pam, Marc Evan Jackson as Kevin, Brie Eley as Cheryl, Nikea Gamby-Turner as Nurse Janet, Cooper Mothersbaugh as Craig

Writers: Luke Del Tredici

Director: Beth McCarthy-Miller

 This episode features in the list Jake and Amy: Key Episodes.

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Episode Quotes

Captain Holt: Hello, you've reached the office of Raymond Holt. I can come to the phone right now.

Captain Holt: This has become more about your employment status.As your supervisor, I feel I have a conflict of interest and should abstain from judging.
Jake: Okay, so do we both get a point?
Captain Holt: No. Kevin has been on the phone all this time. He's also a licensed debate moderator.
Kevin: [v.o.] License number J as in Juliet, 2-5-9-
Jake: This means nothing to me.
Kevin: [v.o.] H as in hotel. Z as in Zulu.
Jake: Oh, thank God he stopped.
Kevin: [v.o.] 3-6-9. Point to Amy.

Amy: So did they defuse the bomb?
Jake: Yeah, one of 'em. Oh, you didn't hear? There was a second bomb. Ya butt. Ya butt is da bomb.
Amy: Aww. On our anniversary.

Jake: Look, I get that you can't take any time off from work, but this is a loophole. It's still work. You know, we can hang out here and chat and catch up and laugh, and technically, we'll be doing our jobs. I call it a "casecation."
[singing] Casecation, all I ever wanted-
Amy: Ooh.
Jake: [singing] Casecation, had to get away

Amy: It was the coldest night of the year, and you put socks on my feet while I slept. You never even took credit for it.
Jake: But now I'm getting credit for that and for not taking credit. That's double credit, you fool.

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