The Bimbo Season 6, Episode 13 - Aired April 18, 2019

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Holt and Jake investigate a case at Kevin’s university. Back at the precinct, Terry and Amy take the squad out for lunch.

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Guest Stars: Marc Evan Jackson as Kevin, Oliver Muirhead as Dean Wesley Allister, Bob Stephenson as Janitor Randy, Drew Tarver as Gary Jennings, Sarah Claspell as Officer Heather, Brandon Raman as Caleb

Writers: Madeline Walter, Paul Welsh

Director: Joe Lo Truglio

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Episode Quotes

Jake: I'm here! I'm here, I'm here. You can start the meeting now.
Captain Holt: The meeting is over. You're late. You missed roll call and the tutorial on using the new copiers. Six years, and no matter how hard I try, I still can't get you to understand the importance of being punctual.
Jake: Maybe you should just give up and accept me for who I am?
Captain Holt: No, I will break you. Right now.
Jake: Oh.
Captain Holt: While you were out being tardy, I was hard at work devising a special punishment. I've crafted an intricate personal high five with everyone in this office except you.
Jake: What? But you hate high fives.
Captain Holt: Yes, every minute of it was hell. But it'll be worse for you. Squad, dismissed. Good-bye, Diaz.
Jake: Salute into a fanny waggle?
Captain Holt: Good-bye, Boyle.
Jake: Oh, the snake charmer!
Captain Holt: Good-bye, Jeffords.
Jake: That's a butt bump.
Captain Holt: Good-bye, Santiago.
Jake: Double fist bump reverse explosion into a Pete Townshend strum. [sighs] All right, that was terrible, but it's over now, and I made it through.
Captain Holt: Good-bye, Leonard from Xerox.
Jake: What? No, no, no. The copy guy?

Kevin: So will you help me?
Jake: I don't know. I want to, but keeping a secret from Holt? That's a lot of pressure.
Kevin: Hmm. Am I remembering correctly? Don't you eat pressure for breakfast?
Jake: [gasps] Nic Cage in "The Rock." We are best friends. I am so in!

Amy: Okay, everyone calm down. I will put a request in for a new fridge.
Rosa: Good luck getting that approved. Commissioner Kelly's already slashed our budget within an inch of its life.
Hitchcock: Yeah, the toilet paper's only one ply now.
Scully: My butt hurts all the time.
Hitchcock: The AC is broken.
Scully: My butt hurts all the time.
Hitchcock: Scully's butt hurts all the time.
Sergeant Jeffords: All right, guys, we get it.

Jake: Okay, you know what? Screw this. You are so smart, and we're gonna prove it to those professors. You're gonna work this case, and you're gonna find those coins.
Captain Holt: Well, I suppose it would be nice to show them I'm more than just a hot, dumb piece of ass.

Captain Holt: Ah, Dean Allister?
Dean Wesley Allister: Policeman Raymond. Good to see you. [chuckles] Read any interesting magazines lately?
Captain Holt: This again? I was waiting for Kevin, I had finished my book, and I happened to glance at an issue of "The Economist" that someone left lying about.
Dean Wesley Allister: All I remember is you becoming unhinged.
Captain Holt: The only reason I picked it up was to swat a fly. [knocks over a vase] I mean, I'm not crazy. Why are there always flowers here?

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