Ticking Clocks Season 6, Episode 14 - Aired April 25, 2019

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In an episode that takes place in real time, Jake and the squad must track down a hacker who has infiltrated the Nine-Nine's servers. Rosa deals with relationship issues. Hitchcock and Scully attempt to cook the perfect lasagna.

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Guest Stars: Cameron Esposito as Jocelyn, Madison Leisle as Whitney Grubner, Elaine Lockhart as Officer Gwen, Mona Mira as Barbara Arbara, Olivia Norman as Jenna Pazhley, Shanna Strong as Heather Monitz-Glausch, James Tang as Officer Andrew Li, Sean Astin as Sergeant Knox

Writers: Carol Kolb

Director: Payman Benz

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Episode Quotes

Sergeant Jeffords: Captain, maybe it's time to face reality. We have to erase the servers.
Sergeant Knox: I'll initiate the sequence for you. It just needs your passcode.
Captain Holt: Perhaps you're right. How depressing. I never would've thought that typing an intricate sequence of numbers from memory would bring such sadness.

Sergeant Knox: What's going on? We're running out of time here.
Captain Holt: Uh, sorry, it's uh from my husband, Kevin.
Sergeant Knox: Well, all due respect, but you don't have time for that. You've got 15 seconds before the hacker is inside the server.
Captain Holt: Uh, yes, uh it's just that Kevin just texted me some hot goss about our favorite reality TV star.
Sergeant Knox: 10 seconds. Your agents' lives are at stake. Eight, seven-
Captain Holt: Oh, I understand. I just have to find out about the hot goss.

Jake: "How certain are you? Sincerely, Raymond Holt." "100 percent, sincerely-" Why am I doing that part? Send. Okay, it said delivered.

Captain Holt: Peralta, Santiago, you'll be happy to know that I did not erase the server.
Jake: Oh, thank God.
Captain Holt: But sad to know that Knox caught on and is now holding me at gunpoint.
Jake: Why not lead with that?

Rosa: Whoa, what happened? You know what, forget it. I'll just read Amy's notes.

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