The Takeback Season 7, Episode 8 - Aired March 19, 2020

The Takeback

Jake is outraged when he learns Doug Judy is getting married and he wasn't invited. Meanwhile, Sergeant Jeffords tries to track down a business card he threw away, and Amy leads the search for a new vending machine at the Nine-Nine.

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Guest Stars: Craig Robinson as Doug Judy, Nicole Byer as Trudy Judy, Mark Cuban as Mark Cuban, Omar Adam as Nathan, Erik Alvarez as Swat Guy, Ty Barnett as Josh, Joshua Dov as Shane Reed, Rob James as Chuck, Andrea Lareo as Georgina

Writers: Dewayne Perkins

Director: Michael McDonald

Episode Notes

  • The title refers to Jake's plan for a reverse heist to retrieve the diamonds, which he suggested could be a movie or HBO series called The Takeback.

Episode Quotes

Jake: So, what's going on? Anything exciting in your life that you maybe want to tell me about?
Doug Judy: I got a new job. I sit behind white CEOs when they have to testify before Congress, so they don't look so racist. Every 15 minutes I just whisper some nonsense at 'em.
Doug Judy: The texture of quiche is unsettling.
Doug Judy: I got paid $75,000 for that nonsense.

Jake: Okay, wait. I mean, obviously I love the premise and I think a reverse heist would make for a great movie and I already have the tag line, "This summer there are takebacks."
Doug Judy: Love that.
Jake: The poster would be you and me back-to-back with our arms crossed, but no, I'm not onboard with this. I'm a cop.
Doug Judy: And a cop's job is to prevent crime and that's what you'd be doing. Please, Jake. For me?
Jake: Okay, fine. 'Cause it's your bachelor party and only if I see them put back with my own eyes.
Doug Judy: Yes! Deal. Reverse heist, baby.
Jake: The Takeback. Coming this fall to HBO.
Doug Judy: It's a TV show now?
Jake: Well that's where all the best content is.

Charles: So in the end, it's more than a vending machine. It's a vending experience.
Amy: A vending experience that serves fried octopus balls?
Charles: It also serves eel balls and clam balls and... It's really just the three kinds of balls.
Amy: Oh, okay. On that horrifying note, Scully and Hitchcock, it's your turn.

Jake: All right, look, Judy, I know you're getting married.
Doug Judy: Damn it, I didn't think you'd find out about that. Who told you, Ronnie? Bobby? Ricky? Mike?
Jake: Don't try and change the subject by tricking me into singing New Edition with you.
Doug Judy: I don't know what you're talking about. Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky and Mike...
Both: [singing] If I like the girl who cares who you like
Doug Judy: Whoo!

Jake: What the hell was that? You almost blew my cover.
Doug Judy: Yeah, they're all suspicious now. You have to help us convince them that Jake's not a cop.
Trudy Judy: Why? I don't understand why you invited him. This was supposed to be a crazy weekend of boobs and butts.
Doug Judy: Trudy Judy, you're not gonna see boobs or butts this weekend.
Trudy Judy: I'll see butts if I wanna see butts.

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