The Good Ones Season 8, Episode 1 - Aired August 12, 2021

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When Amy returns from extended maternity leave, she notices something different about Captain Holt. Jake teams up with Rosa, who is now a private investigator, to help a woman who was assaulted by two police officers. Meanwhile, after Charles listens to an anti-racism podcast, he sends Sergeant Jeffords "reparations".

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Guest Stars: John C. McGinley as Frank O'Sullivan, Rebecca Wisocky as Captain Lamazar, Shawntay Dalon as Aisha, Christian Benz Belnavis as Victor Collins, Jennifer DeFilippo as Tina, Jaiden Aleander McLeod as Ronny Johnson Jr.

Writers: David Phillips, Dewayne Perkins

Director: Cortney Carillo

Episode Quotes

Charles: But you know what was rougher? The hundreds of years of oppression experienced by Black people in this country, oppression they still experience to this day.
Amy: Why does Charles sound like a podcast?
Charles: Oh, because I'm listening to one right now. It's called "Two Wrongs Makes a White: Lessons in Anti-Racism."
Sergeant Jeffords: Yeah, you're lucky you weren't here on Juneteenth.
[flashback: to Charles, wearing an African print face mask and scarf, raising his fist as he passes by Sergeant Jeffords:]
Sergeant Jeffords: What the hell?
Sergeant Jeffords: He went full Schumer.
Charles: Cultural appropriation, Amy. She'll figure it out.
Sergeant Jeffords: You're the one who did it.
Charles: Mm-hmm.

Amy: So where's Rosa? Thought she'd be here by now.
Jake: I'm telling you, she's not coming. Ever since she quit the force, she thinks we're just part of the problem.
Captain Holt: Oh, she never said that. She quit after George Floyd was killed because she thought that she could do more good by becoming a PI that helps victims of police brutality. That has nothing to do with us.
Jake: Then how come we haven't hung out at all since she quit?
Sergeant Jeffords: Setting up a new business takes time. She's probably too busy to see friends.
Jake: And yet I have time to see my friends and be a father and do my job and straight-up crush it at "Goat Simulator" on my Switch.
Amy: That's not something to be proud of.
Jake: Being a father is not something to be proud of, Ames? Wow. You've changed, dude.
Jake: Look, all I'm saying is, I promise you she is not gonna show up tonight. And if she does, I'll give each of you $1,000, cash. That's a promise.
Rosa: Hey, everybody.
Jake: Jake's word is not legally binding. Any promise of cash reward is, of course, understood as hyperbole. Rosa! I knew you'd make it.

Sergeant Jeffords: Amy, he's your captain. You act like it's some romantic relationship.
Amy: You know what, Terry? You're right. It is like a romantic relationship.
Sergeant Jeffords: That's what you got from what I said?
Amy: Do you still have that relationship book from when you and Sharon were having issues?
Sergeant Jeffords: That book was about sex. And it's actually Scully's. But I bet Scully also ordered some relationship books when Scully got himself that sex book for Scully.
Amy: Just own the sex book thing.
Sergeant Jeffords: You want my help or not?
Amy: Fine. Can you please get Scully's relationship book that is obviously not yours?
Sergeant Jeffords: Weird that you're asking me to do it, but okay. I'll see what I can do.

Amy: Hello, Captain. It's so good to see you... so, so good.
Captain Holt: What's with the bizarre eye contact and the weird way you're talking, Santiago? Did you join a cult?
Amy: What? No.
Captain Holt: Are you sure? Most cult members don't realize they're part of a cult.
Amy: I'm not in a cult. I was trying to connect with you. It's a method from this book.
Captain Holt: Oh, is that one of Terry's sex books?
Sergeant Jeffords: [walks by] You mean one of Scully's sex books. [walks off]

Rosa: Why are you here, O'Sullivan?
Frank O'Sullivan: Officer Lee called me, and I'm here to stop your heartless crusade against our heroes in blue, but to be clear, all I want is to keep our city safe and then to go home to my ma at night.
Rosa: You live with your mom?
Frank O'Sullivan: My ma lives with me... in her house. Do you have something against my ma? Because I'll be honest with you, there's only three things that I love in this whole world: my ma, the NYPD, and Billy Joel. And right now, you're assaulting two of those three things.
Jake: Wow. So Billy Joel made your top three?
Frank O'Sullivan: And now you've assaulted all three.
Jake: Can we please just talk to Officer Lee?
Frank O'Sullivan: Look, these are nice boys that you're going after. All the perp had to do was show them what was in the bag, but no, no, she had to escalate things. A finger was broken. Do you understand that if anyone else was being treated the way our brave officers are being treated, there'd be marching in the street, which I would oppose, by the way, because marching leads to rioting, and rioting leads to looting.
Jake: Okay, this doesn't seem like it's gonna be a short rant.
Rosa: Yeah, we're gonna head out.

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