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Quote from Gina in the episode Serve & Protect

Gina: We've been going for a while you feeling hungry?
Sergeant Jeffords: Starving, thanks. [Gina throws the yogurt against the wall] Oh, come on!
Gina: You get a yogurt when I get the truth.
Amy: Oh God, it's in the grout. It's gonna smell in here forever.

Gina Quotes

Quote from the episode Boyle-Linetti Wedding

Gina: My mom is marrying, shudder, Charles's dad, toilet emoji.

Quote from the episode The Oolong Slayer

Captain Holt: Let's not overlook the fact that he turned his crime scenes into tea parties for dollies.
Gina: Which suggests pre-adolescent trauma leading to a pattern of criminality that probably began as a juvenile. I'm taking an abnormal psych class, and everyone in it is obsessed with me.

Quote from the episode Det. Dave Majors

Gina: If Rosa had a twin, she would have eaten her in the womb.

'Serve & Protect' Quotes

Quote from Jake

Rosa: Hey, man. We gotta be cool, all right? I know you have some fantasy about being a movie star.
Jake: I don't fantasize about being a movie star. I fantasize about meeting one. And being invited to a party at George Clooney's villa, where he pranks me and then we prank Matt Damon together and then Damon's like "Peralta, you got the goods. You're gonna be the star of my next movie." Wait, maybe I do want to be a movie star.

Quote from Charles

Charles: My point is, I'm worried that Veronica will never forgive Terry. Is there anyone above her that you can appeal to?
Captain Holt: She reports to Deputy Commissioner Grayson. I've already tried to set up a meeting with him. He's on vacation with his family in the Poconos.
Charles: Okay, so maybe we find out where he's staying and just happen to run into him and accidentally strike up a little convo about the Nine-Nine.
Captain Holt: That seems rather underhanded.
Charles: Desperate times call for Desperate Housewives.
Captain Holt: What?
Charles: Measures. I said measures.

Quote from Charles

Charles: Frankly, sir, I know it's not protocol, but we don't have any other option.
Captain Holt: Yes. Good point. It's not protocol. But it just might work. You know, Boyle, you're a bad influence on me.
Charles: I've never been a bad influence on anyone! Should I bring my leather jacket? It's ankle-length and fitted. I won't bring it; it's too nice.

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