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Quote from David Santiago in the episode The Golden Child

David Santiago: So she's about to jump, and I say, "Hey, I can't tell you this world is a good place, but I guarantee you it's better with you in it." And she climbs down off the ledge, and she gives me a big hug.
Amy: Ugh.
Jake: And that was before she won the Oscar?
David Santiago: I don't know, I don't really follow pop culture.

 ‘The Golden Child’ Quotes

Quote from Charles

Charles: I want to send someone into holding, undercover as a perp, to see if they can get him to open up.
Sergeant Jeffords: Why don't you do it? You're always going on about your acting abilities and that time you played Annie.
Charles: I'm an adult man, Sarge. I didn't play Annie. I was in "Annie." I played Miss Hannigan.

Quote from Captain Holt

Charles: Hey, Captain, Sarge, I have a case I want to discuss with you.
Captain Holt: You want to talk about work in the break room? That's highly unorthodox, but I suppose we can give it a try.
Charles: Okay, so I have a perp-
Captain Holt: I'm sorry, this is insane. Let's talk in my office.

Quote from Jake

Jake: Ames, super important question. Which one of these shirts should I wear to dinner with your mom tonight?
Rosa: Those are exactly the same.
Jake: I have a signature look, Rosa.

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