518 - Gray Star Mutual Aired April 22, 2018

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When a fire destroys Charles' food truck, Pimento unexpectedly shows up to the scene as the insurance agent. Meanwhile, Rosa helps Amy to see that it's okay to get excited about picking her wedding dress, and Gina and Terry coach Holt in the art of social media.

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Guest Stars: Jason Mantzoukas as Adrian Pimento

Episode Quotes

Jake: Come on, you know we didn't commit arson.
Charles: Adrian, this is us.
Jake: Not the TV show.
Charles: We are your friends.
Jake: Not the movie.
Charles: You got to have faith.
Jake: Not the song. Are you doing this on purpose?
Charles: The third one, yes.

Captain Holt: If you really think it's necessary, I will establish a social media presence. But I'll be setting up my own accounts, and I assure you, I won't be resorting to foolish gimmicks involving my dog.
Gina: Uh, you might want to rethink that stance, because how cute would Cheddar look in this hat?
Captain Holt: Please. When it comes to clothes, Cheddar wears little booties in the snow, or Cheddar wears nothing.

Jake: Oh, my God, he had so much proof.
Charles: I can't believe he was on "Cash Cab" at the exact moment my truck burned down.
Jake: And he did so well. He named every member of The Monkees.
Charles: He even got Tork.
Jake: No one gets Tork.
Charles: I know.

Rosa: So what do you think?
Amy: Mm, I don't love the sash. But it's fine. I'm just gonna get it.
Rosa: What? That's the first one you tried on. I once saw you look at 54 different accordion folders and not buy any of them due to weak tabs.
Amy: I file hard. I need strong tabs.

Captain Holt: Well, I have already set up my accounts, and not to toot my own bugle, but I think I did an admirable job.
Gina: Oh, okay, what's your handle? I'll be your first follower.
Captain Holt: It's @5261796d6e6420486f6c74. It spells "Raymond Holt" in hexadecimal code. Clever, right?

News Stories

Title Date Posted
518 'Gray Star Mutual' Press Release March 29 2018

FOX has issued the press release for the April 22 episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, "Gray Star Mutual". Jason Mantzoukas¬†reprises his role as Adrian Pimento in the episode.  Full story