520 - Show Me Going Aired May 6, 2018

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When Rosa responds to an active shooter alert, the rest of the squad is forced to stay back, desperately fearing for her safety. Feeling helpless, Jake frantically brainstorms ways to offer his assistance, Terry faces an existential crisis and Gina and Amy try to make themselves useful by fixing Rosa's broken toilet.

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Episode Quotes

Gina: Wait, first, let's say a prayer. Dear Beyonce, Solange, Rihanna, someone cool that's white, Cardi B, please bless this flush. A-woman.

Charles: When Holt's not looking, I'll sneak into the office and answer the phone when the armory calls asking for approval, fooling them with my spot-on Holt impression. "I'm Captain Holt."
Jake: Yeah, I don't know, something feels off.
Hitchcock: He sounds too white. Here's how you do it-
Jake: No, no, that's okay!

Captain Holt: Fine, I was trying something, and it didn't work!

Captain Holt: Okay, before we get going, Sgt. Jeffords has suggested that it would improve morale if we started the meeting with some consensual non-work jabber.
Sergeant Jeffords: I just said it might be nice if you checked in on the squad's personal lives every now and then.
Captain Holt: Exactly, jabber.

Captain Holt: Scully, go.
Scully: Well, it was just a regular morning for me. Woke up again with my dog's butt on my mouth.
Captain Holt: This experiment has failed. Back to work talk.

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