White Whale Season 5, Episode 21 - Aired May 13, 2018

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Rosa and Amy team up to take down their "white whale" suspect - a ruthless killer who has managed to elude them for seven years - while Terry helps Jake tackle his wedding planning chores. Then, Captain Holt and his rival, Olivia Crawford, try to convince each other to step down in the campaign for Commissioner.

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Guest Stars: Allison Tolman as Olivia Crawford, Carol Herman as Eunice, James Babson as Ezra, Jo Farkas as Louise Mindar, Doreen Fox Loughlin as Ida, Claudio Pinto as Sergio Mindar

Writers: Matt Lawton, Carol Kolb

Director: Matthew Nodella

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Episode Quotes

Jake: Where did I put them? Let's see. I had them in my left hand, and then I went to open the trunk, so I switched to my right hand. Oh, but then I had to sneeze, and I thought, "I don't want to sneeze on these keys." Dr. Seuss. Not really, but should be. "Do not sneeze on my keys. Do not wheeze on my keys. Do not sneeze on your knees on my keys, if you please."
Sergeant Jeffords: Jake, could you please move along on this thought journey?
Jake: Yeah, right, sorry. Okay, so then I put them on top of a plastic tub, which is locked inside the car. The keys are locked inside the car!
Sergeant Jeffords: Why?!

Gina: What are we looking for? Can you describe the envelope?
Captain Holt: It was a white number ten. It's the same kind you use to send fan mail to yourself.
Gina: I've never done that, but I do know what envelopes my fans use, so that's very helpful.

Captain Holt: This is not a strategy I'd normally entertain, however, challenging Olivia publicly is out of the question, so what do you have in mind?
Gina: Whispers.
Captain Holt: Yes, I know, but what specifically are the words that you would be whispering?
Charles: She lied on her resume.
Gina: She's a shoplifter.
Charles: She planted evidence.
Gina: She seduced a priest.
Charles: She pads her stats.
Gina: She's sort of stanky, I heard.
Captain Holt: No, no. I wanna be commissioner of the NYPD, but I want to achieve it honorably. There has to be another way.
Charles: There isn't.
Gina: Whispers.

Olivia Crawford: Half of the committee supports John Kelly, and the other half is divided between the two of us.
Captain Holt: We're splitting the vote.
Olivia Crawford: So for either of us to have a chance, one of us needs to step aside.
Captain Holt: Exactly.
Olivia Crawford: You should drop out.
Captain Holt: Is what you said to yourself in the mirror this morning instead of checking your eye for goop. And I agree. You should drop out.
Olivia Crawford: Is what you said to yourself in the mirror this morning while polishing your head.

[Reading the message left on the wall by Mindar: "Diaz and Santiago, your to late!"]
Rosa: Nope, he remembered.
Amy: And he used the wrong "you're" and the wrong "too"! Son of a bitch!

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