521 - White Whale Aired May 13, 2018

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Rosa and Amy team up to take down their "white whale" suspect - a ruthless killer who has managed to elude them for seven years - while Terry helps Jake tackle his wedding planning chores. Then, Captain Holt and his rival, Olivia Crawford, try to convince each other to step down in the campaign for Commissioner.

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Guest Stars: Allison Tolman as Olivia Crawford

Episode Quotes

Jake: Where did I put them? Let's see. I had them in my left hand, and then I went to open the trunk, so I switched to my right hand. Oh, but then I had to sneeze, and I thought, "I don't want to sneeze on these keys." Dr. Seuss. Not really, but should be. "Do not sneeze on my keys. Do not wheeze on my keys. Do not sneeze on your knees on my keys, if you please."
Sergeant Jeffords: Jake, could you please move along on this thought journey?
Jake: Yeah, right, sorry. Okay, so then I put them on top of a plastic tub, which is locked inside the car. The keys are locked inside the car!
Sergeant Jeffords: Why?!

Gina: What are we looking for? Can you describe the envelope?
Captain Holt: It was a white number ten. It's the same kind you use to send fan mail to yourself.
Gina: I've never done that, but I do know what envelopes my fans use, so that's very helpful.

Amy: He's a ruthless killer who built a meth empire. We were tracking him for weeks, but he kept getting away.
Rosa: Finally, we cornered him in a warehouse. Every exit was covered and he just vanished. Then he sent us a postcard from Paraguay a year later just to taunt us. It was diabolical.
Amy: Yeah, it was full of grammar errors and other taunts that normal people care about.

Gina: Charles, shh.
Charles: I wasn't talking.
Gina: Shh!

Olivia Crawford: I'm sorry to barge in like this, but I have a source on the nominating committee. They're making their recommendation to the mayor at the end of next week, and it seems that John Kelly is going to beat out both of us.
Gina: Big shocker. The straight white man wins again.
Olivia Crawford: Exactly.
Captain Holt: Amen.
Charles: That was my complaint about Owen winning "Top Chef Junior," and you guys all acted like I was crazy.

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521 'White Whale' Press Release April 20 2018

FOX has issued the press release for the penultimate episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine's fifth season, "White Whale". Allison Tolman (Fargo) guest stars in the episode.  Full story