The Tattler Season 6, Episode 3 - Aired January 24, 2019

The Tattler

Jake and Gina attend their 20th high school reunion. Back at the Nine-Nine, Charles helps Rosa with her love life.

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Guest Stars: Paul Rust as Mikey Joseph, Yassir Lester as Quentin Chase, Kasey Dailey as Sandy Gerbfur, Becky Feldman as Rebecca Bonebrake, Ayinde Howell as Danny Matthews, Geoffrey Kennedy as Eric Franklin, Lauren Reeder as Laura, Matt Rife as Brandon Bliss, Rohit Sharma as Jason, Christopher Wallinger as Paul

Writers: David Phillips

Director: Jennifer Arnold

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Episode Quotes

Captain Holt: Why is everyone gathered around the radio? Ooh, are they testing the emergency broadcasting system?

Captain Holt: Well, this is a total waste of time.
Sergeant Jeffords: Sure, but you can still have fun, even if you're wasting time.
Captain Holt: That's absurd. Productivity is what makes things fun. That's why humans go to work.
Sergeant Jeffords: It is?

Rosa: Hey. So you know how Alicia and I broke up because she moved to London, then we tried to make it work, but the distance was too much and we broke up again?
Charles: No. The last thing you told me about yourself was that you were bi.

Amy: Okay, I've got something.
Jake: Oh. That's not Brandon's profile. It's mine.
Amy: I just want a quick peek at your attendance record. Zero absences. Oh, mama Printing this for later.
Jake: Keep it in your pants, Santiago.
Amy: Oh, that's exactly where it's going.

Charles: Rosa, stop. There is one more method. Ancient Boyles believed that suspending yourself by your feet forces your blood to the decision center of your brain. We call this method the "Upside-Down Coward."
Rosa: You want me to hang from the ceiling like a bat?
Charles: The bat is nature's most decisive animal.
Rosa: The creature that flails around frantically?
Charles: Those are all micro-decisions. Now, let's get you strapped up.

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