Four Movements Season 6, Episode 4 - Aired January 31, 2019

Four Movements

Gina spends time with each member of the squad.

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Guest Stars: Eugene Lee Yang as Theo Lorql, Mario Lopez as Mario Lopez

Writers: Luke Del Tredici

Director: Phil Augusta Jackson

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Episode Quotes

Gina: Hey, Craptain, you ready to get curb stomped?
Sergeant Jeffords: What?
Gina: At chess.
Captain Holt: We have a weekly match. I'm teaching Gina to play. And she, in turn, is teaching me to trash talk. The hospital called. Your test results came back positive. You're a stage five dumbass.
Gina: Oh! You have come so far.

Captain Holt: It was a good game though for a dumbass.
Gina: Okay, you're kinda overusing that one. Maybe switch it up a little bit.
Captain Holt: Oh, good note. You dick.
Gina: That landed good.

Gina: But I do know the names. I've simply rebranded them. My queen is Rihanna.
My king is Beyonce. And this little guy is Kevin. Would you be willing to murder Kevin, the love of your life?
Captain Holt: Yes. Chess Kevin means nothing to me.

Sergeant Jeffords: This is crazy. I can't imagine the Nine-Nine without you.
Gina: Don't worry. I have a parting gift for all of you. I printed "Time for Gina's Opinion" hoodies for you with your names on them. Oh, there you go.
Jake: Oh, that's fun. So like "Time for Jake's Opinion"?
Gina: What are you, insane? No. It says "Time for Gina's Opinion" in large text on the back and then your names are stitched really tiny on the front.
Jake: Ah.
Gina: I had to guess at some of the spellings.
Amy: Arnie?

Captain Holt: Even the best laid plans sometimes don't work out.
Gina: They sure don't. And now it's time for Gina's closing thoughts. Just because you wanna do something doesn't mean you get to do it. Life is chaos, success is completely arbitrary, and confidence is everything.

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