Suicide Squad Season 6, Episode 18 - Aired May 16, 2019

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Desperate circumstances call for desperate measures, as Jake, Holt, Amy, Terry, Rosa and Charles must ally themselves with old enemies.

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Guest Stars: Kyra Sedgwick as Madeline Wuntch, Ken Marino as Captain C.J. Jason Stentley, Phil Reeves as John Kelly, Dean Winters as The Vulture, Chasty Ballesteros as Ana, Doug Hurley as Gerard, Torrance Jordan as ESU Cop, Jude B Lanston as Archie, Nancy Lantis as Kimble

Writers: Dan Goor, Luke Del Tredici

Director: Dan Goor

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Episode Quotes

Amy: Oh, wait. Before we decide Scully, what's your basement like?
Scully: Bunch of old Victorian wallpaper that came with the house. I tried to peel it off, but the wall underneath was covered with fingernail scratches.
Amy: Ooh.

Jake: Hitchcock, can you top it?
Hitchcock: Mine has mother's hospital bed.
Amy: Okay, Scully?
Scully: I got this one red door I've never been able to open and I hear screams behind it sometimes. But it's probably just the wind.
Jake: Okay, that's actually too scary.

Jake: So we'll make a hostage video, but I don't think we should do it here. It's too nice. Do we know anyone with, like, a real creepy basement?
[cut to:]
Hitchcock: Yeah, it's just got one exposed light bulb and a couple of spent mattresses.
Jake: "Spent"? Oh, yeah. That sounds perfect.

Captain Holt: How do we get close enough without attracting attention?
Madeline Wuntch: Could dance. You must know some moves. You were mentioned by name in the "Monster Mash."

Captain Holt: Fine, but on two conditions we stay at least 4 inches apart at all times, and you tuck your tail back into your pants so I don't trip on it.
Madeline Wuntch: Deal.

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