Manhunter Season 7, Episode 1 - Aired February 6, 2020


After an assassination attempt is made on a city councilor, Jake leads the manhunt to find the shooter. Holt struggles to adjust to his new role as a uniformed officer when he's put under Jake's command. Meanwhile, Amy seeks Rosa's help when she thinks she might be pregnant.

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Guest Stars: Vanessa Bayer as Officer Debbie Fogle, Scott Vance as Chris Reneaux, Merrick McCartha as Frank Murwin

Writers: David Phillips

Director: Cortney Carillo

Episode Notes

  • Title Reference: "Manhunter" is what Charles calls Jake as he leads the manhunt.
  • Charles repurposes the lyrics of the Hall & Oates song "Maneater".

Episode Quotes

Sergeant Jeffords: Peralta, you're in charge of the manhunt for the shooter.
Jake: Oh, my God, it's a manhunt. And I'm the Manhunter.
Charles: And I'm your sidekick, the Boyhunter.
Rosa: Come on, dude.

Amy: My period's late, I think I might be pregnant.
Rosa: Oh, damn.
Amy: I can't be pregnant! Jake and I agreed to wait at least a year until we tried. I haven't found an OB, I'm not on any preschool waiting lists, and I spent all of yesterday in a room with Hitchcock and his new cologne, which can't be good for the baby it is literally called Zika!

Charles: What's going on? The guy's on Hoyt Street.
Jake: I know, I gave Holt a fake lead to get rid of him. Don't worry, I'm still the Manhunter.
Charles: [singing] He's the Manhunter! And the boy who he hunts with-
Jake: What's that song?
Charles: The Boyhunter song! [singing] Boyhunter Down by the schoolyard.
Jake: Why is he by the schoolyard?
Charles: He's gotta protect the kids!
Jake: Sounds terrible.
Charles: Really, I don't hear it!

Jake: Boyle, gather everyone up.
Charles: Oh, we starting a burn book about Holt? Let's drag him, baby!
Jake: No, someone saw our hoodie guy.
Charles: Right, we'll do the burn book later.
Jake: Attention, everyone, we have a possible sighting of our shooter on Hoyt Street. Detective Boyle and I will take Alpha unit. Smith, Fox-
Charles: You guard the burn book.
Jake: Charles, no.
Charles: Stand down.

Sergeant Jeffords: Why is the tent so quiet? Is everybody talking about me now?
Rosa: Nobody is talking about you.
Sergeant Jeffords: Sure. Terry walks into a tent and everybody just happens to stop talking at the same damn time? You are gaslighting me just like my daughters!
Amy: Terry, I think you're being paranoid.
Sergeant Jeffords: I'm not paranoid! I put a recording device in my girls' room.
Amy: You planted a bug in your daughters' room?
Sergeant Jeffords: I do what I have to do. They said I look like a giant triangle!
Rosa: Is that an insult?
Sergeant Jeffords: I don't know! But they were laughing like it was, and it hurt just the same! Don't have kids!

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