Captain Kim Season 7, Episode 2 - Aired February 6, 2020

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Jake doesn't believe the new captain is as nice as she seems, so he and Holt snoop around her house at a dinner party she's throwing to get to know her new squad.

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Guest Stars: Nicole Bilderback as Captain Julie Kim, Marcus Folmar as Ronald Palmer, Peter Giles as Nick Slade, John Collella as John Thereford, Elizabeth Liang as Margo Hayes, Shannon McClung as Don Levierel, Angie Patterson as Carol

Writers: Carol Kolb

Director: Luke Del Tredici

Episode Quotes

Jake: Okay, look, Captain Kim lied to us. There's something in this house that proves she's conspiring with Madeline Wuntch, and we're gonna find it.
Amy: I am not letting you snoop around in her stuff and ruin this party.
Jake: Oh, okay. Well, good luck trying to stop us.
Amy: Oh, Jake. You don't know who you're dealing with, do you? I was a student chaperone at every dance from middle school on. I've stopped more horny teenagers from making out to Savage Garden than you can count.
Jake: Cool story, but we're not horny teens. We're horny adults. And tonight we're going all the way. Come on, Holt, let's shake this narc.
Amy: That's right, I am a NARC, a Nationally Accredited and Registered Chaperone.

Jake: I say we use those meetings to figure out why she's really here. She may seem perfect, but I guarantee there's a "but." And I'm gonna find that "but" and drill down on it.
Charles: Come on, man. You have to know how that sounds.
Jake: Shut up, cool Charles. I hate this new dynamic.

Jake: Okay, we've got her meeting the mayor, her dog-sitting for Bo Obama, Malala giving her an award, but no photos of Wuntch.
Captain Holt: That's because vampires don't appear on film. Perhaps we should be looking for a 17th-century woodblock print.

Jake: NYPD, freeze! Taking down the bad guys without breaking up our convo. That how we do it in the Nine-Nine.
Amy: You're going the wrong direction.
Jake: Damn it. All these hallways look the same. That was such a cool walk-off.

Captain Holt: It's like there's something great at this party for everyone, even me. She's serving my favorite dessert: carrots.