Sicko Season 6, Episode 17 - Aired May 16, 2019

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Jake and Charles investigate a dangerous serial killer. Holt continues to spar with his rival, Commissioner Kelly. Terry finds out about whether or not he has passed the lieutenant's exam.

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Guest Stars: Kyra Sedgwick as Madeline Wuntch, Ken Marino as Captain C.J. Jason Stentley, Tim Meadows as Caleb, Dean Winters as The Vulture, Travis Coles as Brian Floomryde, Phil Reeves as John Kelly, Tim Kalpakis as Micah Simmons, Celeste Pechous as Monica, Madeline Walter as GIF Woman, Gabe Liedman as Dr. Oliver Cox

Writers: Justin Noble

Director: Matthew Nodella

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Episode Quotes

Jake: Worst prank ever. So stupid. Holt's not even going to notice.
Captain Holt: Good morning. You guys the podium, it's... Ha. [chuckles] [laughter intensifies] [riotous laughter] [shouting] You're crazy! How did you pull this off?

Captain Holt: [on the phone] Yes, Kevin, they moved it a full half inch. I'll tell you the entire story tonight. I love you as well. Goodbye. Oh, that was a fun several moments.

Captain Holt: Look, we need to solve this to prove to that idiot John Kelly, how inane and useless his little app is.
Jake: Oh dip. I see what's going on. Holt is feeling petty.
Captain Holt: I'm not being petty. I can assure you my feelings about John Kelly are purely professional.
Jake: Are they? Because every time his name is brought up in our group text thread you immediately send back a super catty GIF of some lady from "The Durrells in Corfu" rolling her eyes.
Captain Holt: That's Louisa Durrell, exasperated by the pace of life on Corfu.

Caleb: You know what? There was some weird guy on the forum recently.
Charles: The forum?
Caleb: Yeah, it's a chat room for people who like to talk about eating human beings but definitely won't act on it. Wink. Yeah, it's hosted on-
All: Reddit.

Charles: Um, we have a solid lead. Suspicious online behavior from someone using the name Jamburger77.
Jake: There's only one person in the tri-state area with that surname, Eileen Jamburger. 101 years old, and immediately racist on the phone. She is not a suspect at this time.