Ransom Season 7, Episode 12 - Aired April 16, 2020

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Captain Holt puts Jake on the case when Cheddar is kidnapped. Meanwhile, Amy and Rosa attempt to win a fancy baby stroller, and Charles and Terry team up on a nutritional side hustle.

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Guest Stars: Kyle Bornheimer as Teddy, Marc Evan Jackson as Kevin, Matthew Bellows as Frank Kingston, Chris Cordone as Kenneth Turnip, Anderson Davis as Officer Steph Webbelman, Eben Ham as William S. Londman, Maria Pallas as Gloria, Abhi Trivedi as Reggie

Writers: Nick Perdue, Beau Rawlins

Director: Rebecca Asher

Episode Quotes

Captain Holt: He's calling.
Jake: Sir, remember, we need two minutes for the trace.
Captain Holt: Two minutes, understood.
Jake: So just keep him talking and stay calm.
Captain Holt: Peralta, I'm in complete control.
Man: [disguised voice on the phone] Hello?
Captain Holt: Shut your damn mouth. I'm the one talking here.
Man: Then this is over. [beep]
Jake: And he hung up. Well, that could've gone better.

Captain Holt: So now I know who the sumbitch is who took my dog. The only problem is, I have no idea where to find that sumbitch.
Kevin: Well, Raymond, I think we can help you find that sumbitch. Jake?
Jake: Sumbitch. We all got to say it.

Jake: Okay, sir, the kidnapper should be calling with his demands any minute. If we trace his location, we can find your fuzzy boy.
Captain Holt: Not fuzzy. He's fluffy.
Kevin: We don't know what he is anymore. He could be fuzzy, he could be anything. Raymond, he could be scruffy.
Captain Holt: Now you've upset Kevin. I hope you're happy.
Jake: Why would I be happy? I clearly just mixed up fuzzy and fluffy.
Captain Holt: "Just?" You're fired. I want your shield and your piece.
Jake: That seems a little extreme.
Kevin: Jake is right.
Jake: Thank you, Kevin.
Kevin: Just suspend him without pay.

Sergeant Jeffords: You know, I bet we could sell this stuff.
Charles: You really think so? [gasps] We can call our company "The Bone Boys." No! "More Bone, Less Moan." No! "Workplace Bone Buds." That's the one. I'm registering it.
Sergeant Jeffords: Ewh, we can name the company later.

Captain Holt: Someone took our fluffy boy.
Jake: Oh, my God. What happened?
Kevin: Well, Cheddar and I walked to the bakery together, we shared a plain scone. Then we went to the park, and I let him off leash. He... never came back.
Captain Holt: Someone took our fluffy boy.
Jake: Right, you mentioned that. Now, just to be clear, you didn't actually see someone take him, right? So there's a chance Cheddar just ran away. You know like some dogs do.
Captain Holt: Cheddar isn't some dog. He would never do that. Someone took our...
Jake: Fluffy boy, yes, I understand.

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