Valloweaster Season 7, Episode 11 - Aired April 9, 2020

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The Halloween heist returns once more as the squad compete to find out who is the greatest human/genius.

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Guest Stars: Winston Story as Bill, Gabe Fonseca as Flower Delivery Guy, Matthew Jones as Dr. Millford Cream, Carmella Riley as Dr. Gabbie Wince, Kenny Stevenson as Officer Mark, Becky Wu as Officer Janice, Stephen Wu as Flower Delivery Guy #2

Writers: Luke Del Tredici, Jeff Topolski

Director: Matt Nodella

 This episode features in the list Halloween Heists.

Episode Notes

  • The title refers to the various holidays around which the heist ran: Valentine's Day, Halloween, Easter.

Episode Quotes

Charles: How do you know this is their plan?
Amy: 'Cause Jake frickin' told me.
Charles: He did?
Amy: Yeah. He's so frustrated with Holt... like I knew he would be... that it's all he talks about... [quietly] in therapy.
Charles: What?
[flashback to Jake laying on the couch in a therapist's office as Amy hides in the vent:]
Jake: The thing is, the bunny vests do add gravitas, but I can't tell him that 'cause then he wins. Oh, hey, is it weird that Jane Jetson gives me a bo...
Charles: You found a therapist that let you do that?
Amy: No, I've been paying an actress to pretend to treat him for months. She's actually helped him a lot.
Charles: Oh, did Jake ever say anything about me while you were listening?
Amy: ... Where are those bunnies?

Charles: Why did you want Cheddar to swallow the gems?
Rosa: Because I needed to delay things. The second part of my plan took place on Valentine's Day, which went perfectly.
Jake: Ah, I wouldn't say perfectly. Scully swallowed the gems.
Rosa: 'Cause I tricked him into it. Wasn't hard. Pretty much used the same Cheddar ham playbook.
Scully: Table ham. Seven days in a row.
Scully: So now I have to think twice before I eat food I find lying around. Thanks a lot.

Jake: Anyhow, will there be a new champion crowned this year, or will I become the first ever three-time winner, building on my glorious victories in heists one and five?
Amy: You didn't win the fifth heist. I did when you proposed to me.
Captain Holt: I won that year. You ended up with a modified version of the cummerbund, and you only got that because you slept your way into it.
Amy: Sorry, sir, that no one here wants to bone you, you dusty, old skeleton.
Captain Holt: Whoa!

Jake: Okay, so this segs me nicely into my next point... decorum. This is supposed to be a fun day that brings us all closer together, but in the past few years, I've noticed it trending in the opposite direction.
Captain Holt: Is this about the surveillance system I set up in your apartment?
[flashback to Holt watching Jake and Amy in bed on a monitor:]
Captain Holt: Sleep, sleep, you ugly morons.
Jake: No, but it is now.

Captain Holt: I can't believe the two strongest competitors got partnered up. We're a dream team like in the 1992 Summer Olympics.
Jake: Okay, I know you're not talking about basketball, so just tell me what weird sport you think the Dream Team was from.
Captain Holt: Sport? I'm talking about the opening ceremonies. Agnes Baltsa and Alfredo Kraus singing back-to-back arias.

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