Admiral Peralta Season 7, Episode 10 - Aired April 2, 2020

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Jake deals with two generations of father issues when he invites his dad and grandfather, Admiral Peralta, to a gender reveal party. Meanwhile, Amy and Rosa try to clean up after Hitchcock and Scully, and Terry seeks Captain Holt's help when he decides to audition for the NYPD band.

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Guest Stars: Bradley Whitford as Roger Peralta, Martin Mull as Walter Peralta, Eva La Dare as Brenda Shawnks, Will Hines as Carl Kurm

Writers: Neil Campbell

Director: Linda Mendoza

Episode Quotes

Sergeant Jeffords: Sorry, we're so happy for you, but we also maybe, kind of already knew. I mean, you didn't do the best job of hiding it.
Sergeant Jeffords: Why have you been carrying that box around so much?
Amy: I just love this box.
Captain Holt: Why are you reading that newspaper? It's two days old.
Amy: I just love this issue.
Rosa: Hey, why are you wearing that Hazmat suit?
Amy: I just love this look.

Hitchcock: Please, don't go looking for that witness.
Amy: We're just trying to fix your screw-up.
Scully: We didn't screw up. The witness gave us his name, but he asked us not to write it down because he's undocumented.
Rosa: So he's scared to show up to testify at the courthouse because he didn't want to be detained by ICE.
Amy: Damn it.
Hitchcock: You know, that keeps lots of immigrants from helping cops.
Rosa: Yeah, we know that. We're just surprised that you know that.
Scully: That's insulting. I'm very concerned with immigration issues.
Hitchcock: And I've dated my fair share of spicy...
Rosa: No!
Amy: Scully said the nice thing. You don't need to go past it, Hitchcock.

Amy: [on the phone] Hey, babe, how's it going?
Jake: Amazingly well.My dad and my grandpa are actually getting along. They've been catching up nonstop.
Roger Peralta: Aunt Millie?
Walter Peralta: Dead.
Roger Peralta: Uncle Thomas?
Walter Peralta: Dead.
Roger Peralta: Aunt Janet?
Walter Peralta: Dead.
Roger Peralta: Uncle Dean?
Walter Peralta: Gay.
Roger Peralta: Ooh, good for him. What about Aunt Lyn?
Walter Peralta: Dead.
Jake: Apparently there was a fire at the family reunion. Lucky for my Uncle Dean, he was not welcome at the event.
Amy: Wow. Dark.
Jake: Yeah.

Captain Holt: Okay. Give me your flute. Wrong! First rule: never give anyone your flute.

Amy: Wait. This is good. There was a witness who saw everything. Identified the thief, they even described the getaway car down to a dent in the right bumper. We're golden.
Rosa: Yeah, but Hitchcock and Scully forgot to write down the witness' name or contact info.
Amy: What? No, that's insane. Even they wouldn't do something that dumb.
Hitchcock: Dumb? Excuse me. I don't need this crap. I could be on the beach in Figi right now.

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