The Set Up Season 8, Episode 6 - Aired August 26, 2021

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Jake is so excited to work on a Speed-like case, he keeps investigating even after the Feds take over. Meanwhile, Amy fears Frank O'Sullivan (John C. McGinley) is blackmailing her to stop police reform.

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Guest Stars: John C. McGinley as Frank O'Sullivan, LaMonica Garrett as Agent Feingold, Jacob Berger as Officer Marzipan, Dane Oliver as James Caton, Alex Skinner as Pizza Delivery Guy, A.J. Tannen as Mel Jenkins

Writers: Jess Dweck, Nick Perdue

Director: Maggie Carey

Episode Quotes

Jake: So you agree it was a setup. I have your unbridled support?
Captain Holt: My support is extremely bridled. You have circumstantial evidence at best.

Charles: Really never seen Speed, sir? Keanu Reeves, Sandy Bullock, Jeff Daniels at the height of his sexual powers?

Captain Holt: Peralta, we need to talk.
Jake: I know. You're not mad. You're just disappointed.
Captain Holt: I'm actually both mad and disappointed.
Jake: What? You can't be both! You are either Mad Dad or Sad Dad... pick a lane.

Charles: Uh-oh, I know that strut. Little hip swing, playful butt bounce... Somebody made a collar!
Jake: Not loving you talking about my butt bounce, but, also, hell, yeah, someone collared a big dog!
Charles: Woof, woof!

Rosa: So you lost a Speed That sucks. At least you didn't have a Sister Act taken from you.
Captain Holt: Bracco confessed. The undercover operation is over.
Rosa: But I just got a spot in the choir.
Jake: Wait, is that the real reason you left the force?
Rosa: It didn't help.