Game of Boyles Season 8, Episode 7 - Aired September 2, 2021

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When Jake, Charles and Terry visit the Boyle family farm following the death of the beloved patriarch, Pappy Boyle, Jake can't help but suspect foul play. Meanwhile, Rosa helps Captain Holt hit the dating scene as his separation from Kevin continues.

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Guest Stars: Marc Evan Jackson as Kevin, Christopher Gehrman as Sam Boyle, Gregg Binkley as Lyndon Boyle, Caleb Alexander Smiht as Andrea Boyle, Hal Alpert as Pappy Boyle, Ali Eldin as Perp Number Two, Nicole Ghastin as Mel Boyle, Galen Howard as Tommy Boyle, Frederick Koehler as Becca Boyle, Paul Witten as Todd

Writers: Paul Welsh, Madeline Walter

Director: Thembi Banks

Episode Quotes

Captain Holt: Huh. It's the exact time we agreed to meet for our date, and he's not here.
Amy: I'm sorry. I know how you value punctuality.
Captain Holt: In my employees. But in potential suitors, I don't mind one or two minutes of tardiness. I like a bad boy. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go to the bathroom to wash my hands, in case we shake.
Amy: Ooh.

Amy: Hey. What's going on?
Rosa: I'm helping Holt pick a dating site.
Captain Holt: Oh, this looks good. PhDs only.
Rosa: Uh, actually in this context, PHD stands for Pretty Huge [bleep].
Captain Holt: Oh, my. I can only assume that MDs only stands for Medium [bleep].

Charles: Anyway, thanks for coming with me to the funeral. I think we're all packed. I just got to go grab the coffin.
Sergeant Jeffords: Wait, why are you bringing the coffin?
Charles: I brought a coffin to my nana's funeral on a whim, and it was a big hit. So now, guess who's the coffin cousin?

Rosa: Yo. You forgot your lunch.
Captain Holt: Oh. Thank you, Diaz.
Amy: Sir, I didn't realize you were still staying at Rosa's. I thought couple's counseling was going well.
Captain Holt: Not anymore. At Kevin's request, I offered to reduce my work hours by 26%. Kevin countered with 50. Which I countered with 30. Then Kevin says 40...
Amy: Seems like a lot of math for therapy.
Captain Holt: That's what Dr. Cheryl said... which is why we fired her, and now we're working with Dr. Ramanujan. He's a physicist with a nice, concrete worldview. Anyway, Kevin refuses to budge from 36%. And I'm starting to worry that I might lose to him.
Amy: You mean lose him.
Captain Holt: No. Lose to him. Therapy is a chess match. And... I will prevail.

Charles: Here it is. Pappy Boyle's farm. I spent every summer here as a kid.
Jake: Got to say, it's nicer than I was expecting.
Charles: Pappy did well for himself. He went to business school in New York. He got a job in Wall Street. And one day his hand got caught in a subway door. And he was dragged from Times Square into Queens. Largest settlement in city history.

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