Renewal Season 8, Episode 8 - Aired September 2, 2021

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As Captain Holt and Kevin prepare to renew their wedding vows, Jake and Holt team up for one last case to investigate whether Frank O'Sullivan (John C. McGinley) hacked the CompStat numbers.

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Guest Stars: John C. McGinley as Frank O'Sullivan, Marc Evan Jackson as Kevin, K Callan as Carol, David Grant Wright as Justice of the Peace

Writers: Stephanie Ritter, Beau Rawlins

Director: Beth McCarthy-Miller

Episode Quotes

Jake: All right, look, all's not lost. I have the laptop. We just need to get in touch with someone from the Nine-Nine so they can get us out of here. Give me your phone.
Captain Holt: I left it back at the venue so Kevin couldn't track it and know I was gone. Use yours.
Jake: Mine's dead. I used up all the battery mining for MetsCoin. It's the first cryptocurrency that is also the Mets? I don't know what I'm doing in this space.

Rosa: Well, that should keep him busy for a bit.
Charles: That was smart, but I don't think we should mess with Cheddar too much.
Rosa: Why not? He's an animal.
Charles: Animals can be very vengeful, Rosa.
Rosa: Is this about Lieutenant...
Charles: Of course it's about Lieutenant Peanut Butter.
Rosa: Yeah.

Rosa: What am I doing?
Jake: You, Charles, and Scully will be here, distracting Kevin and making sure he doesn't know Holt's working.
Captain Holt: And who will be on Cheddar duty?
Rosa: I mean, can't we just distract him with a bone?
Captain Holt: Bone? Bone?
Jake: Yeah.
Captain Holt: [yelling] Bone? Cheddar's not some street rat.

Captain Holt: I'm gonna check those CompStat numbers right now. I'm just gonna click on this video link entitled "Handyman fixes squeaky door, [bleep] customer."
Jake: Oh, my God.

Captain Holt: But I just received an email from my contact at One Police Plaza about our reform proposal.
Jake: Ah, yeah, speaking of that, now that the report is done, can you please tell Amy you're retiring? I don't like lying to her.
Captain Holt: So then you told her about the Top Shot?
Jake: I didn't need to because I traded it for an investment in The Rock's new cryptocurrency, which is currently worth... Oh, no, what happened to RockCoin?