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Quote from Madeline Wuntch in the episode Chocolate Milk

Madeline Wuntch: Wait a minute. You thought I cost you that promotion because you're gay? That's what you've been mad about all these years?
Captain Holt: It's one reason.
Madeline Wuntch: I don't care that you rejected my advances. Your sexual identity is the one thing I actually respect about you.
Captain Holt: Then what are you mad about?
Madeline Wuntch: I'm mad because you tried to get me thrown off the force.
Captain Holt: Yeah, because you shot me.
Madeline Wuntch: I shot you because you were in the wrong position. You weren't following orders.
Captain Holt: What about the time you destroyed my personnel file while I was undercover?
Madeline Wuntch: What if there had been a mole?
Captain Holt: You were trying to make me disappear.
Madeline Wuntch: You embarrassed me in front of Derek Jeter!
Captain Holt: You embarrassed yourself in front of Derek Jeter.

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