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Quote from Jake in the episode The Audit

Jake: Oh, my God, he's so boring.
Amy: He's so boring.
Jake: Most boring man in America.
Amy: And that's him trying to be interesting. That is Spring Break Teddy.
Jake: How did you ever date him? Oh, no, he has a really big wiener, doesn't he? Wait. Don't tell me if that's true, unless it's not. No, but then if you don't say anything, I'll know that it is. Oh, why aren't you saying anything about his wiener, Amy?
Amy: Jake.
Jake: Stop, stop, stop, stop. I don't want to hear about your ex's wiener. Just you're not making me feel better. Why would you do this to me?
Amy: Jake, stop spiraling.
Jake: Every time you shake me, I see it flopping around.
Amy: Stop.

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