Brooklyn Nine-Nine Episode Tournament: Round 1

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Episode Tournament: Round 1

We're running an episode tournament to find our visitors' favorite episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The first knockout round of our Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode tournament is now open. The sixteen most popular episodes from the nominations round now go head to head in eight pairs.

The eight pairs in this round are: The Bet vs. Beach House, Johnny and Dora vs. Pilot, Charges and Specs vs. Operation Broken Feather, The Jimmy Jab Games vs. Halloween II, The Road Trip vs. 48 Hours, Tactical Village vs. The Vulture, Det. Dave Majors vs. Halloween, and Boyle-Linetti Wedding vs. The Party.

This round will be open for voting until Monday, June 29. Vote now in our Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode tournament.

Posted on 15 June 2015 09:36.

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