Episode Guide :: Season 1

# Episode Original Air Date
101 Pilot September 17, 2013
102 The Tagger September 24, 2013
103 The Slump October 1, 2013
104 M.E. Time October 8, 2013
105 The Vulture October 15, 2013
106 Halloween October 22, 2013
107 48 Hours November 5, 2013
108 Old School November 12, 2013
109 Sal's Pizza November 19, 2013
110 Thanksgiving November 26, 2013
111 Christmas December 3, 2013
112 Pontiac Bandit January 7, 2014
113 The Bet January 14, 2014
114 The Ebony Falcon January 21, 2014
115 Operation Broken Feather February 2, 2014
116 The Party February 4, 2014
117 Full Boyle February 11, 2014
118 The Apartment February 25, 2014
119 Tactical Village March 4, 2014
120 Fancy Brudgom March 11, 2014
121 Unsolvable March 18, 2014
122 Charges and Specs March 25, 2014

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Season Recap

Brooklyn Nine-Nine begins when a new captain, Raymond Holt, is assigned to the ninety-ninth precinct. The strict new captain clashes with the precinct's star cop, Jake Peralta, whose great detective skills are let down by his immature and care-free attitude. The show's early episodes focus on Captain Holt, whose ambition to have his own precinct has finally come true, trying to fix up the precinct and improve its performance.

Jake and Amy

At the start of the series, Jake and Amy were competitive colleagues who had an ongoing bet over who would solve the most cases. According to the terms of the bet, if Amy won she would get Jake's Mustang, while if Jake won he would get to take Amy out on a date in said car.

Jake and Amy rushed to get as many arrests as possible before their bet ended. In the end Jake was the winner. Jake promised to take Amy on the worst date in the history of the world. He had an elaborate evening planned which included renting a tiger cub, hiring a youth choir, and going to a photo studio. Charles could see that Jake's huge effort was more than just a childish joke and that Jake clearly liked Amy. During the date, the Captain ordered Jake to go stake out a drop site. Unable to reschedule his date, Jake took Amy with him on the stakeout.

Jake and Amy bonded as they watched over the drop site. When the Captain called Jake and offered to send in a relief squad, Jake turned it down. Jake and Amy successfully caught the criminals together. Despite Jake's attempts to make it a horrible date, Amy described it as "good" because they caught bad guys.

When the squad attended a training course at a tactical village, Amy ran into a fellow police officer, Teddy Wells, who she used to date. Amy had only broken up with Teddy because he was stationed in Queens, so she never got to see him. Seeing Amy with Teddy, Jake started to confront his feelings for her. When Jake wondered why Amy was with Teddy, Boyle told him it's because he actually asked her out. It looked like Jake would finally ask Amy out, but he aborted the plan when Amy mentioned she was back together with Teddy.

Seeing Amy and Teddy together in a relationship, Jake threw himself into his work, obsessing about a supposedly "unsolvable" case. When Jake agreed to lead an undercover mission for the FBI, Jake said goodbye to Amy in the precinct's car park. He admitted to her that he would have liked something to happen between them, romantic-styles, if she wasn't already in a relationship.

Boyle's relationships

In the beginning, Charles had a crush on Rosa, even though she did not feel the same way about him. Charles tried to get close to Rosa, but she made it clear she only thought of him as a friend. When Charles met Vivian Ludley, a food author, at Captain Holt's party, he soon fell head-over-heels for her. Jake tried to stop Charles going "Full Boyle", but it soon became clear that Vivian felt as strongly about Charles as he did for her. Charles and Vivian quickly got engaged. During this engagement to Vivian, Charles apologized to Rosa for being so creepy towards her over the past year.

Vivian surprised Charles by telling him she got a job in suburban Ottawa and wanted him to retire from the NYPD and move with her to Canada. Charles did not really want to leave his job and friends behind, but he was so in love with Vivian that he couldn't tell her. Eventually, Charles worked up the courage to talk to Vivian, and it looked like they could work it out. Unfortunately, Vivian later broke up with Charles, calling off their engagement.

Sergeant Jeffords' return to the field

At the start of the series, Terry was on administrative leave. Ever since he and his wife had their twin baby girls, Cagney and Lacey, Terry was too scared of getting hurt and subsequently lost his edge. Captain Holt and Gina tricked Terry into returning to a shooting range to have him recertified.

On the day of the Sergeant's psych evaluation, it didn't look like Terry was ready to return to the field. When Gina interrupted the session to tell Terry the Captain was in danger, Sergeant Jeffords stamped his evaluation form, and went out to find the Captain. The Sergeant fired the shot that took down the newly-released criminal who was after Holt. Terry later had to explain to his nervous wife why he was back in the field without telling her.

Broadcast History

FOX picked up Brooklyn Nine-Nine for thirteen episodes on May 8, 2013. The show premiered on September 27, 2013 and, after five episodes had aired, FOX picked the show up for a full season of twenty-two episodes on October 18, 2013. FOX, who were broadcasting the 2014 Superbowl, also announced their intention to give one of their post-Superbowl timeslots to Brooklyn Nine-Nine, as part of a one-hour comedy event with New Girl.